Android 9 Pie

What is Android 9 Pie?

Android 9, also known as Android Pie, is an Android operating system update released in August 2018. The version before was Android 8.0 Oreo and the version after was Android 10. It was codenamed Android P during development.

Android is continually developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, and it has had several updates since the first version, Android 1.0, was released in September 2008.

What are the features of Android 9 Pie?

  • It uses artificial intelligence to adapt to people’s needs and preferences as they use it

  • Adaptive Battery shows how you like to use your phone, so the apps and services you don’t use as much aren’t a battery drain

  • Your phone learns how you like your brightness settings and automatically adjusts them for you

  • App Actions predicts what you want to do next – for example, if you connect your headphones, your recent playlist is shown front and centre on the screen

  • Slices brings relevant parts of your favourite apps to the surface. For example, if you Google the term ‘Uber’, you can see journey costs and distances within the search results

  • Intuitive Navigation lets you switch between apps more naturally

  • Learn how you’re using your phone using the Dashboard – check notifications, how much time you spend in apps and how often you check your phone

  • Set daily time limits for using your phone and a daily schedule to help you get ready for bed

Can I downgrade my phone to Android 9 Pie?

We strongly recommend that you don’t downgrade your current Android OS to Android 9 Pie because it isn’t the latest Android version and won’t have the latest protection and security features.

It’s not a simple process due to security issues and the use of third-party software, and you could also be putting your data at risk.

If you still have Android 9 Pie on your device and you’d like to upgrade, you can download Android 11, which will bring you a selection of new features and security improvements. Check with your phone manufacturer to see if your device is compatible for the upgrade.

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