Android 10

What is Android 10?

Android 10 is an Android operating system update released in September 2019. The version before was Android 9 Pie and the version after was Android 11. Its codename during development was Android Q.

Which phones feature Android 10?

This phone was released with Android 10:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

What are the features of Android 10?

  • Use Live Caption to automatically caption videos, podcasts, and voice messages without using WiFi or mobile data

  • Smart Reply helps suggest a response - for example, if a friend texts you about dinner, your phone might suggest a thumbs-up emoji then pull up a map to the restaurant

  • Sound Amplifier boosts sounds and filters out background noise when you’re listening on your headphones

  • Use Gesture navigation to swipe and pull your way around the home screen and apps

  • Dark theme protects your eyes and saves your battery power if you’re using your phone in low light

  • Use Focus mode to pause apps temporarily

  • Set digital ground rules and help children use the internet safely with Family Link

  • New, improved controls to manage your data and privacy and get security updates faster, sent directly to your phone from Google Play

Can I downgrade my phone to Android 10?

We strongly recommend that you don’t downgrade your current Android OS to Android 10 because it isn’t the latest Android version and won’t have the latest protection and security features.

Not only could downgrading cause security issues and put your data at risk, but it’s also a very complex process which uses third-party software.

If you're still using Android 10 on your device and you'd like to upgrade, you can download Android 11, which will bring you a selection of new features and security improvements. Check with your phone manufacturer to see if your device is compatible for the upgrade.

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