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Ever since the release of their transistor radio, Sony has followed a singular vision – to entertain. They’ve poured 70 years of entertainment technology into their smartphones, and their latest releases maintain that tradition. Sound quality, screen definition, and camera resolution are all essential features in the Xperia range.

Get a device that doesn't just look beautiful. Sony brings you exceptional android phones with crisp audio, advanced cameras and sharp, bold visuals. 

Sony Xperia 5


Xperia 5

Sleek and slimmer in design, the Xperia 5 renders movies beautifully on its 21:9 CinemaWide™ display with Dolby™ Atmos surround sound.

Sony Xperia 5
Sony Xperia 1 II


Xperia 1 II

Enjoy vivid, immersive gaming, films and browsing on the CinemaWide™ 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED display with motion blur reduction and Dolby Atmos® sound. Experience exceptionally fast autofocus with the triple lens camera, enhanced by the power and speed of 5G connectivity.

Sony Xperia 1 II
Sony Xperia 10 II


Xperia 10 II

Take detailed photos that pop with the triple lens rear camera, including a 16mm ultra-wide-angle, 26mm wide-angle and 52mm telephoto lens. Enjoy cinematic-style entertainment on the 21:9 6-inch wide OLED display and keep going all day with the long-lasting 3,600mAh battery.

Sony Xperia 10 II

Key features


BIONZ X™ brings you Sony’s studio-level Alpha camera technology, for smartphone shots that combine creativity and outstanding image quality.

The Xperia 1 II's triple lens rear camera features RAW support, Eye Autofocus which works on both humans and animals, and an interface re-designed with new manual controls to meet the demands of professional photographers. Capture hundreds of moments in seconds with up to 20fps continuous burst shooting with autofocus and auto exposure, and use 5G connectivity to easily upload and back your work up. The Dual Photo Diode sensor delivers spectacularly fast and accurate focusing, and autofocus and exposure are calculated up to 60 times per second. The ZEISS T* lens coating even helps perfect rendering and contrast by reducing reflections.

Sony cameras

Capture scenes born in the studio

Record movies with the same parameters and colour settings as the professionals, thanks to expertise from Sony Digital motion picture camera engineers.

Achieve unprecedented colour accuracy on the Xperia 1 II with Cinematography Pro powered by CineAlta – the same kind of technology used by leading Hollywood production studios. It also features Optical SteadyShot™, a unique hybrid stabilisation system that gives you shake-free video, even when recording on the move. All three leading phones in the Xperia range – the Xperia 1 II, Xperia 5, and Xperia 10 II - can film in 4K HDR and achieve truly cinematic 21:9 aspect ratios.



Displays that bring you the movie experience. Higher contrast, brighter colours, and greater clarity on displays that demand attention. Watch what you love exactly how the directors intended.

The Xperia 1 II, Xperia 5, and Xperia 10 II let you entertain and be entertained in equal measure with 21:9 cinematic aspect ratios. Experience beautiful multi-tasking as you watch a film in the same aspect ratio of a cinema screen while you message your friends. 21:9 displays deliver an exceptional range of colours, contrast, and clarity. They’re the perfect platform to edit your creations and to lose yourself in your favourite films and series.


Hear every note, every beat, every word. Experience multi-dimensional sound that flows above and around you for immersive video experiences

Sony have brought the power of Dolby Atmos® to the Xperia 5 and Sony Xperia 1 II – sound engineering expertly designed for film theatres. Tuned in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, it creates a powerful atmosphere for sound that flows above and around you, whether you’re watching films, listening to music, or playing games. Meanwhile, the Xperia 10 uses High-Resolution Audio and DSEE HX, and is designed to make everything sound great when you’re listening with or without a wired connection.



Experience 5G speed, a powerful Octa-core processor and optimal performance in the same classic Sony design. The Xperia 1 II combines the latest cutting-edge Sony technology with the power of 5G - no more lag, and access to superfast, stable downloads, streaming and connectivity in areas which have 5G coverage - even when you’re in busy places. Stream your favourite films and games faster, download songs and TV shows in seconds and make the most of the entertainment you love on the high-definition 21:9 CinemaWide 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED display.

Sony 5G phones


Created with fast-charging and high-capacity, the latest generation of Xperia phones intelligently work to extend the life of your phone’s battery.

The Xperia 1 II’s 4000mAh battery uses STAMINA mode to predict how long your battery will last - depending on how much you use your phone - and adjusts your energy usage accordingly. The Xperia 5 comes with a fast charger that can take you up to 55% charge in just 30 minutes. Plus, Xperia Adaptive Charging across the Xperia range monitors your phone while it charges so the battery isn’t overworked, and keeps your battery healthy for longer.



Your life is in your Sony smartphone - from streaming the latest songs to capturing those picture-perfect moments - and the Xperia 10 II is built for maximum enjoyment and minimal worry. It’s dust resistant and waterproof for up to thirty minutes with an IP68 rating, has a tough Corning Gorilla Glass 6 screen to withstand the occasional knock, and a long battery life – so the Xperia 10 II is ready for the busiest days and nights. 

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