The best Android smartwatches

If you're looking for an Android smartwatch to boost your health, fitness and productivity, here are the devices we'd recommend.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 (40mm/44mm)

Display: 1.3/1.5-inch Always-on AMOLED display
Connectivity: 5G, Bluetooth and WiFi
Battery: 300mAh/425mAh
Processor: Exynos W930
Compatibility: Android 10 or higher with Google Mobile Services (GMS) + RAM 2.0GB and above
Storage: 16GB

With Galaxy Watch6, your day just became a whole lot easier. Effortlessly answer calls and keep track of notifications without needing to take your phone out of your pocket. Whether you're doing your weekly food shop or commute to work, simply pay with a single tap of your wrist using Samsung Wallet¹. If you ever misplace your Watch6, SmartThings Find will help you track it down quickly, providing you the peace of mind to get on with your day². When it’s time to rest after a busy day, your Watch6 has got you covered. Sleep analysis provides you with detailed insights of your sleep activity, from sleep stages to oxygen levels³. With sleep coaching, you can even set daily routines and goals to help you achieve a more restful night sleep⁴. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic (43mm/47mm)

Display: 1.3/1.5-inch Always-on AMOLED display
Connectivity: 5G, Bluetooth and WiFi
Battery: 300mAh/425mAh
Processor: Exynos W930
Compatibility: Android 10 or higher with Google Mobile
Services (GMS) + RAM 2.0GB and above
Storage: 16GB

Introducing the most powerful and stylish Samsung Galaxy Watch yet. Galaxy Watch6 Classic is built for your everyday, made with extra durable Sapphire Crystal glass and strong, stainless steel for a premium, timeless design. Smoothly scroll through all your applications by simply rotating the iconic bezel. The perfect health companion - monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels throughout the day and get the most out of your workout sessions¹ with information on your personal Heart Rate Zones. You can even measure and keep track of your body composition, with everything from body fat to muscle density, helping you achieve your fitness goals². 

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (44mm)

Display: 1.36-inch Super AMOLED touch display
Connectivity: 4G, Bluetooth and WiFi
Battery: 361mAh
Processor: Exynos W920
Compatibility: Android 6.0 or higher + RAM 1.5GB and above
Storage: 16GB

Now there’s a watch that you can wear to the gym, the pool, and the drinks afterwards. Galaxy Watch4 is the perfect all-rounder, with a refined, timeless design certified with 5ATM water-resistance³. Get a clear picture of your overall health and BMI with body composition measurements, so you can make the most of every workout and smash your fitness goals. The stylish metal frame and display with improved clarity comes in a variety of colours to suit your mood - and the display automatically adjusts its brightness, so you’ve always got the best view while conserving power. Store your favourite songs offline with 16GB of internal storage, use Samsung Pay for faster transactions, receive calls on your wrist and even check your latest social media notifications.

Google Pixel Watch 2

Display: 41mm always-on AMOLED display
Connectivity: 4G LTE and UMTS,¹ Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC
Battery: 306 mAh
Processor: Cortex M33
Compatibility: Android 9.0 or higher²
Storage: 32GB eMMC flash³

Elevate your well-being and productivity with the Google Pixel Watch 2. Make use of the three advanced sensors to gain insight into your health⁴ and keep tabs on your body – from monitoring your sleeping patterns⁵ to tracking your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and skin temperature.⁶ Manage your connected home right from your wrist with a simple ‘Hey Google’ command⁷ and turn the heating on ready for a cosy night in after a long day of work. Prioritise your safety with Emergency Sharing, ensuring your chosen contacts can have access to information like your location and battery level⁸ for quick assistance in any unforeseen situation.

Android smartwatch operating systems

Use Wear OS by Google to get the most from your watches

Wear OS by Google⁴ helps you get the most out of your Google Pixel Watch - it seamlessly syncs your smartwatch and phone so that you can stay on top of things. Get proactive help from Google Assistant - check train and flight times, pay with your watch, see your upcoming meetings and check what the traffic's like.

Take your health and fitness further and use Google Fit or Fitbit to work out and track your health straight from your wrist. Make and answer calls¹, stream your favourite songs from your wrist and check messages at a glance - you can even set reminders and set up to-do lists.

Plus, if you're all about matching your watch to your look, there are thousands of watch faces that you can customise to complement your outfit.

Use Samsung's Water OS with the Galaxy Watch4 series

Samsung presents Water OS - their most powerful watch OS yet. Water OS' clean and simple UI provides fast access to all your favourite apps. You'll still be able to access Samsung's existing range and the Google suite, as well as apps like Calm, Strava and WhatsApp - striking the perfect balance between productivity and wellness.

Water OS also enables seamless integration with your other Android-powered devices, with all your apps from the Play Store being automatically installed. Designed to be even more intuitive when using all your favourite apps and features, Water OS brings a smoother experience that runs on your time.

Previous Galaxy watches, including the Galaxy Watch3 range, used Samsung's Tizen watch operating system.

Share your mobile data with your smartwatch

If you buy your Android phone from us, you’ll be able to set up OneNumber - share your mobile plan and data allowance, number and contacts with your smartwatch to stay connected, without your phone or WiFi.

That means you can go running, swimming, or take part in your chosen fitness activity without taking your phone with you.

And if you’re looking for the perfect Android phone to pair with your Android smartwatch, we’ve got a guide to the best Android phones to help you choose.

Frequently asked questions

Tizen is Samsung's previous smartwatch OS, and is available across the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 series and earlier Galaxy watches.

The platform has a mix of stylish customisable watch faces, accurate health tracking tools and useful built-in apps.

The lightweight OS makes for speedy, responsive interactions and smooth scrolling, and helps to optimise battery life.

It works with the rotating bezel on Samsung smartwatches, making it easier to view notifications and navigate around the watch settings.

Terms and conditions

¹Available with participating networks, banks and merchants. (Samsung Pay). 

²Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet with Android 10 or higher required.

³Compatible Smartphone required.

Sleep coaching requires sleep data of at least 7 days, including 2 days on the weekends. Factors like vigorous exercise, the amount of oxygen in the air, your elevation, and various health conditions can all result in lower readings.

¹Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes. Not intended for use in detection, diagnoses, treatment of any medical condition or disease.  

Personalisation of Heart Rate Zone enabled when selecting outdoor run activity. It is required to run consistently for more than 10 minutes with speed of 4km/h or faster. 

ECG and BP feature only to be used by 22 years and over. For accurate BP readings, monthly calibration required by GP or BP monitor & arm cuff. Requires a Galaxy smartphone running Android 10 or above. 

²Do not measure your body composition if you are pregnant, have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices.

¹ECG and BP feature only to be used by 22 years+. For accurate BP readings, monthly calibration required by GP or BP monitor and arm cuff. Requires a Galaxy smartphone running Android 7.0 or above.

²Available to all Vodafone Pay Monthly Mobile customers on a Red Plan. You will use the allowance from your current Pay Monthly or SIM only plan to call from your Samsung Watch. For initial set-up, wireless network and pairing with an Android smartphone with OS Android 5.0 or newer and at least 1.5GB RAM required.

³Water resistance rating of 50m under the ISO standard 22810:2010. It is not suitable for diving or high-pressure water activities.

¹Requires 4G LTE wireless service plan (sold separately) to use mobile functionality. Compatible mobile service and roaming may not be available on all operator networks or in all areas. Google Pixel Watch 2 and Android companion devices must use the same operator network. Contact operator for details about current restrictions, network performance, compatibility, and availability. Watch connects to compatible 4G LTE networks but 4G LTE service, speed and performance depend on many factors including, but not limited to, operator network capabilities, device configuration and capabilities, network traffic, location, signal strength and signal obstruction. Actual results may vary.

²Google Pixel Watch 2 is not compatible with Android (Go edition). Learn about technical and device specifications details.

³Storage specifications refer to capacity before formatting. Actual formatted capacity will be less.

⁴Some features may require a Fitbit account, mobile app and Fitbit premium membership. Not intended for medical purposes, but may provide information that can help you to manage your well-being. Consult your healthcare professional for questions about your health. 

⁵Not available in all countries. The SpO2 feature is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or for any other medical purpose. It is intended to help you manage your well-being and keep track of your information.

⁶Not available in all countries. Significant changes in ambient temperature may negatively impact skin temperature tracking.

⁷Google Assistant and some related features are not available in all languages. Learn about updates on language availability

⁸Data rates may apply. Emergency Sharing requires location-enabled and 4G LTE service or an Internet connection. Emergency Sharing is dependent upon network connectivity and other factors, and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas or languages. Additional details on safety features