Dual Preview

What is Dual Preview?

Dual Preview is a technology used in folding phones. When the phone is unfolded, the cover screen is facing away from the user (a bit like the front cover of an open book). Dual Preview allows the user to display images or information to the person or people facing the back of your phone. This technology allows the subjects of a photo to view the image before it’s taken.

Right now, Samsung are leading the way in folding phone technology and Dual Preview is a feature of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Both Samsung devices are available on Pay monthly plans on our website.

What are the benefits of Dual Preview?

  • You can check camera previews on the cover screen before you take the photo

  • You can take selfies from the cover screen when the phone is unfolded

Which phones have Dual Preview?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3