Doing our bit for the planet

At Vodafone, we’re taking big steps to help address climate change. Our entire European network will be powered on 100% renewable electricity by July 2021 and we’ve committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon emission by 350 million tonnes by 2030. As for this year, we’ve made lots of changes to make our phones, stores, and offices more sustainable.


Greener, cleaner energy 

Our network will run on 100% renewable electricity by July 2021 – four years earlier than planned. This is something we’ve already made progress on with around 12% of our electricity currently coming from two UK wind farms. 

And because Vodafone data centres are full of servers that need to be kept cool to run properly, we’re maximising natural cooling and investing in new technologies to transform as many centres as possible into energy-efficient Smart Sites.


Just like new: refurbished phones

Our refurbished phone range means you can breathe new life into ‘Like New’ returned phones. Not only will you pay less, but you’ll help save energy, conserve natural resources, and reduce electronic waste. You’ll also have the option of trading in your old phone for a refurbished one to save even more money – and help us to keep recycling.

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Putting old phones to good use

The Vodafone Great British Tech Appeal ran for eight weeks earlier this year, and saw us collecting old phones to redistribute to around 2,300 disadvantaged families with the help of charities, Barnardo’s SafeLives and British Red Cross. With an estimated 40 million unused gadgets sitting around homes across the UK, this was a great way to not only help people without a phone get connected, but also help the planet by avoiding electronic waste.

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Trialling tech solution to protect UK forests

We’ve recently partnered with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Forest Research, Britain’s leading organisation for forestry, to use technology to monitor and research tree growth to assist in the climate crisis. Specialist sensors have been attached to trees in two forests in Surrey and Northumberland and are connected via our leading Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) network. 

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And how we're helping our customers…

Internet of things (IoT) technology can play a big role in reducing carbon emissions by helping businesses be more efficient. Vodafone’s IoT – such as smart energy meters, lighting and logistics – helped avoid 6.9 million tonnes of CO2e globally in 2019. That’s almost 4x times more than our business emitted. By 2030 we’ve committed to reduce our business customers carbon emissions by 350 million tonnes.

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