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We’re using the power of connectivity for good

Vodafone was Britain’s first mobile network and we officially kick-started the mobile revolution. 

Today, we’re one of the world’s largest communication companies, providing connectivity to over 530 million mobile customers and almost 20 million broadband customers in 25 countries. 

Connectivity is at the heart of what we do and gives us a huge opportunity for good. For us, that’s what being a sustainable business is all about – using our network, products, people and technology to help society prosper and respond to important social and environmental issues.

We’re developing technology for society

The UK is facing some big social and environmental challenges. We’re using our 30 years’ experience of connecting people, places and things to help create a healthier, safer, low-carbon society.

We’re championing equality

We believe business is a driving force in the push for equality. This starts within Vodafone, with our employees. We then use our people, products and brand to drive meaningful change within society.

We’re getting the UK set for a digital future. Ready?

Over 30 years ago, we kick-started the UK’s mobile revolution. Now we’re getting it set for a digital revolution. We’re helping people, business and government unlock the exciting opportunities of a digital future. Ready?

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