Our Purpose

We’re creating a digital society that’s sustainable and leaves no one behind.
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Digital society

We bring together incredible ideas and technologies to improve society and make sure everyone can enjoy the digital world safely and responsibly.

Inclusion for all

Equal opportunities are created when we’re given the ability to connect. Regardless of age, gender, background or ability, we want everyone to be part of an inclusive digital society.


We’re working hard to cut our environmental impact in half and moving to 100% renewable electricity by 2021. Our IoT technology enables businesses to reduce CO2 emissions, helping create a zero carbon future.

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Keeping our customers’ data safe

Your privacy is important to us – just as knowing how we use your information is important to you.



Ensuring high supplier standards

We are working to ensure integrity in our supply chains by managing risk and building supplier capability.


Tax and our economic contribution

We recognise and value the benefits for society that arise from fair, effective and predictable tax regimes.