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Speed up research with DreamLab

We bring together incredible ideas and technology to improve our society.

DreamLab is a free app from the Vodafone Foundation. It helps speed up scientific research into cancer, and most recently, COVID-19 - using your smartphones extra processing power.

The app harnesses this unused processing power to analyse complex data, which helps scientists at Imperial College London identify drugs and food-based molecules that can be used in treatment.

Why not download DreamLab today, and help join the fight against cancer and COVID-19?

Give independence to those with learning disabilities

We've teamed up with Mencap to create technology that improves quality of life for people with learning disabilities.

Co-designed by those who need it, and their support workers - the technology aims to help over 1.4 million people in the UK.

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How can the UK become a leading tech hub of the future?

Read the Digital Supertowns research and the Brain Gain report to find out.

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Inclusion, always

Equal opportunities come when everyone has the opportunity to connect.

So regardless of age, gender, backgrounds and abilities we are making sure everyone has access to the online world