JustTextGiving by Vodafone

Our free donate-by-text service for charities

JustText Giving

We've used our technology to create JustTextGiving by Vodafone – a free text donation service for charities and fundraisers to use on any network. Because there are no charges to use the service, even the smallest of charities can benefit from easy, spontaneous text donations and every penny raised goes to the good cause. Adding Gift Aid means even more cash reaches the charity. We invested £5 million in creating JustTextGiving and we bear all the running costs.

JustTextGiving works brilliantly for charities as according to Ofcom, 93% of adults now own a mobile phone and 16% of households have a mobile, but no access to a fixed line. There are 83.1 million mobile subscriptions in the UK and for each of those subscriptions 200 text messages are sent every month. Research shows that mobile donations could bring in an extra £96 million for UK charities. Charities might also be able to reach people who want to donate but are less likely to set up a direct debit or standing order.

JustTextGiving is a simple and effective way to raise money by tapping into supporters’ spontaneity and provides a really easy way to make a donation. It’s very popular; so far 20,000 charities and over 150,000 individual fundraisers have signed up. Since we launched it in May 2011, over £15.5 million has been raised by text donation.

For the last three years we’ve also supported ITV’s Text Santa annual Christmas charity appeal with JustTextGiving. For those viewers who would rather call in and speak to someone, our employees volunteered to handle phone calls in our Stoke-on-Trent and Newark contact centres. In 2013, we helped the Text Santa appeal raise over £5m for six national charities. Over 700 volunteers from our main contact centres helped take calls on the night.

We encourage employees to raise money through JustTextGiving, too. We’ve set employees a challenge over the last two years: raise £100 in text donations and we’d match it. Employees ran marathons, made cakes and knitted blankets. We even organised a sponsored zip wire ride across the Vodafone HQ in Newbury. The highlight in 2013 was our Big Bike Challenge, when 280 employees cycled for up to three days across Britain. In 2012 and 2013, more than 2000 employees have joined our JustTextGiving challenges.

In 2013, Claire Lomas was named JustTextGiving Fundraiser of the Year in recognition of her tremendous achievement using JustTextGiving – despite her paralysis. She completed the London Marathon in a bionic suit over 17 days and completed a 400-mile ride around Britain using a specially-made bike she powers with her arms.

JustTextGiving has won some great accolades during since it was launched, including the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award.

*JustTextGiving is supported by the Vodafone Foundation. Registered charity 1089625.