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In just a few years since exploding onto the market, Huawei has earned a reputation as the king of the camera phone. A string of superb releases have showcased the Chinese firm’s partnership with German camera wizard, Leica – dual and triple lens camera arrays with sophisticated AI produce stunning results for a phone camera. Huawei continue to push advances in screen and battery tech, too – the Mate 20 Pro’s innovative reverse charging capability and dazzling OLED screen make it a world-beating phone. But with Huawei, it’s always the camera that steals the show, and takes photos you can really shout about.

The big question – how do you say Huawei?

Huawei isn’t the easiest name to pronounce. Don’t know how to say it? Let this fun video show you how.

Latest Huawei smartphones

The Huawei range combines innovative features with stylish good looks and exceptional value for money.
Huawei, devices designed to delight.


P smart 2019

With smart photography features, a dual rear camera, built-in bokeh and AI-enhanced software, you can get the perfect shot with the P smart 2019.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro


Mate 20 Pro

The new Huawei Mate 20 Pro boasts a state of the art triple-lens camera, up to two full days of battery life and wireless charging, making this Huawei’s most premium phone release to date.

Huawei P20 Pro


P20 Pro

With the world's first Leica Triple Camera with AI, the P20 Pro makes capturing the perfect image simple, every time.

Huawei P20 lite


P20 lite

The P20 lite boasts a 16 megapixel dual rear camera, a 5.84-inch FullView FHD display, wrapped in a smooth glass casing and metallic body.

Huawei P20



With a smart battery, super night mode and Leica Dual Camera, the P20 makes capturing memories even better.


Mate 20 lite

Own tomorrow with a 6.3-inch FullView Display, AI-powered dual front and rear cameras and millisecond-level face unlock speeds.

Which Huawei is best for you?

Which Huawei is best for you?

Read a short summary of the differences between each model or take a look at the specs side by side for each phone.

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Looking for a tablet?

Experience the rich, vibrant colours of a Huawei smartphone on a bigger screen when you choose a Huawei tablet. With vivid visuals, out-of-this-world design and long-lasting battery, these tablets bring you joy that lasts.