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Stay connected with Vodafone's most reliable network ever

We all love a smart new phone, but it’s just as important to choose a reliable network to go with it. You want to be confident your phone will work whenever you need it.

By choosing Vodafone, you can be sure you’re picking a strong and reliable network. In fact, Vodafone has been crowned Mobile Network of the Year 2017 by Trusted Reviews – as voted for by you, our customers.

Our network performs well in independent tests, too. Following recent research from industry experts P3, Vodafone has come out on top as the best network for voice calls in London, Belfast, Birmingham and Bristol.

We’ve got plans to reach you in even more remote or busy locations. Since 2014, we’ve invested more than £2 billion in our network and services. So we can provide you with outstanding coverage both indoors and out.


Vodafone crowned ‘Mobile Network of the Year 2017’ (Trusted Reviews)

We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve been crowned Mobile Network of the Year 2017 by Trusted Reviews.

Sean Keach, writing for Trusted Reviews, notes: “Vodafone has consistently proved popular with customers, and is often mentioned positively in Ofcom reports on account of its high network speed offerings.”

It’s a fantastic reward for the work we’ve been putting in to improving our network and service – especially as the award is voted for by you, our customers.



What's new with our network? 

Smarter use of our core infrastructure 

We’ve added and reallocated a fundamental resource, spectrum (the radio frequencies used to transmit mobile signals), to either improve the geographical coverage in certain areas, or to increase capacity.

More geographical and population coverage

Heard of Massive MiMo? Maybe not, but we’re the first company in Europe to use this technology (multiple input, multiple output) to boost wireless capacity by up to five times in densely populated areas. So you can enjoy reliable data coverage, even when large numbers of people are using the network, such as at major railway stations, universities and stadiums.

Increased number of physical masts

As part of our multi-billion-pound network upgrade, we’ve been installing modernised 2G, 3G and 4G mast equipment in place of older technology. Most of this work will complete by the end of the year, but we’re already seeing results.

More time on 4G

As a result of our increased coverage, our customers are spending more time on 4G than ever before, with fewer calls being dropped. The low frequency of our spectrum is excellent for indoor coverage and for heavily built up areas where a signal might otherwise struggle to travel, giving you outstanding indoor coverage.

  • ‘Best in test’ for voice in London

    Vodafone has come out on top as the best network for voice in London, Belfast and more.

    Our network is now even more reliable, reaching more people and places than ever before. Following recent tests from industry experts P3, Vodafone has come out on top as the as the best network for voice calls in London, Belfast, Birmingham and Bristol.  

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  • 4G Logo 4G

    Crystal clear voice calls over 4G

    Want to enjoy crystal-clear voice calls and even quicker connection times? We’re continuing to offer calls over 4G in more cities, as well as expanding the number of devices that are compatible with the service. And with 4G calling you’ll get the best possible indoor coverage experience

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  • Network Satisfaction Guarantee Network Satisfaction Guarantee

    Put our network to the test for 30 days

    We want you to know you can absolutely rely on us and, to prove our commitment, we’ve got an iron-clad Network Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re a new or upgrading customer, you have 30 days to test our service before deciding whether or not to stay with us.

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  • 4G Logo 250mb extra

    Having network issues? Let us know

    If you’re an existing customer, you can let us know through the My Vodafone app, how our network is performing. As a ‘thank you’ we’ll top up your account with 250MB in bonus UK data to use for seven days.

  • Network Improvement Black Spots

    Black spots explained

    Find out why your signal may be less than perfect.

  • Wi-Fi calling WiFi Calling

    Wi-Fi Calling

    No phone signal? Make calls over Wi-Fi instead.

  • Network Improvement Sure Signal

    Sure Signal

    Create a 3G signal in your home or office

  • Network Improvement My Vodafone App

    My Vodafone app

    Report any network feedback or frustrations.