Diversionary works

Learn how to identify the Vodafone network and get help with moving our equipment to make way for your project.

Is Vodafone equipment blocking construction?

If you need Vodafone apparatus to be moved to make way for your project, our Diversionary Works team is ready to help with the following: 

Relocate apparatus

Help with relocating, changing, moving or removing Vodafone apparatus to accommodate your project.

Support during construction

Providing support to make sure our network is safe during construction or demolition.

Public transport support

Help with public transport infrastructure including improvements to railway and cycle routes.

Identify the Vodafone network

Our fixed fibre estate consists of legacy companies wholly owned and operated by us. In our communications we’ll refer to these as the Vodafone Network. 

Note: all apparatus with the following branding belong to Vodafone 

How to get in touch

These include identification of areas where you propose to carry out excavations.

Atkins Telecoms looks after all C2 Plant Enquiries on behalf of Vodafone. These should be directed to:

Email: osm.enquiries@atkinsglobal.com 


Plant Enquiries Department - Atkins Telecoms, on behalf of Vodafone

The Hub
500 Park Avenue
Aztec West
Bristol BS32 4RZ

Email: c3requests@vodafone.com

Please email us to request a C3 estimate if the C2 request shows that there may be a requirement for diversionary works. This will be completed using our desktop inventory systems and the details you provide. This estimate can either be paid and the order will be moved to C6 (Issue of main orders) or a C4 (Detailed Estimate) can be requested.

We will require the following information:

  • Your designs and planned works

  • Site details including any constraints to access

  • Contact details for main point of contact for the site

  • Communication with Atkins Telecoms showing requirement for diversionary works

Email: c3requests@vodafone.com

Please email us to request a C4 estimate. This will be completed by a local planner and will include a site meeting if required. This allows all parties to meet and get a better overview of your project where we will give a more detailed estimate of the budget.

Again, we will require the following information if not already provided:

  • Your designs and planned works.

  • Site details including any constraints to access.

  • Contact details for main point of contact for the site.

  • Communication with Aitkins showing requirement for diversionary works.

Diversionary works process sheet

Process step


Approximate turn
around time



Plant enquiry

10 days

Completed by external company Aitkins.


Budget estimate

20 days

Completed by Vodafone staff - desktop survey


Detailed estimate

25 days

Completed by local Vodafone staff - Physical survey. This stage can be skipped on request if the C3 is acceptable.


Issue of main orders

4 to 20+ weeks

Completed by approved build partners.