Report a street work issue

If you've noticed an issue with Vodafone equipment while out and about, please let us know and we'll investigate as soon as we can.

Report a problem with Vodafone street equipment

What is street equipment, and what kind of problems should I report?

  • Manhole covers that are loose, cracked, missing, noisy or sunken

  • Underground cables that are exposed or damaged

  • Cabinets that are damaged, open or have graffiti on them

  • Masts and poles that appear damaged or are causing a safety concern

  • Worksites that you have any safety concerns about

What information do you need?

Please give us as much detail as you can. This will help us to investigate the problem as soon as possible.

Helpful details include:

  • Location, including street name and number

  • An easily identifiable landmark

  • Postcode

  • what3words

  • A description of the problem

  • Photographs

  • Any other useful information, including whether the problem appears to be causing danger

How can I report a problem?

You can let us know about a problem with our equipment by contacting us below:


Call: 0333 3040 762