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How tech is making education more accessible

We hear from our #ThoseWhoDare speakers who are advocating for online learning as it is more accessible than ever.


When starting off in business, having a strong educational background can be the foundation to becoming an expert in your chosen field. This includes not only having the right knowledge and information at hand, but also the skills that can be applied in everyday business practices.
However, high quality education can be a privilege, and one that unfortunately many people are missing out on. Barriers including poverty, lack of resources (i.e. staff, learning materials) and geographical distance all restrict or prevent access to education. This in turn can put people at a disadvantage when entering the world of business and affect their careers in the long run.
So how do you break down or even transcend these barriers? This is where technology is helping to play a major role.
Entrepreneurs around the globe are turning to technology for new ways to make education more accessible. In particular, Online learning has become a vital step towards democratising education, giving people essential access to help them to excel in the future.

‘A product that could help everyone who wants to learn’


Two entrepreneurs that are leading the way are Rafael Gonzalo and Borja Adanero, founders of the fastest growing business school in Europe, The Power MBA. It offers an online programme that provides a high-level business education, which was previously an exclusive industry.


Speaking at our #ThoseWhoDare event in May, Rafael and Borja expressed their firm belief that having an education is one of the most valuable assets a person can have, motivating them to start their business. “The knowledge that you have, that is something that is going to help you throughout your life, no matter what you’re facing.”

Lifelong education


The duo wanted to put the power back into people’s hands, allowing them to choose when and where to learn. Rather than seeing education as a fixed stage in life, they believe education should be fluid and open to anyone regardless of age. “The much talked about Long Life Education is not so much a question of philosophy of life, which of course, it is; it’s an absolute necessity.”
By continuing learning throughout life, students also have a better understanding for business. Due to its fast-paced nature, new trends are constantly emerging and by staying on top of these, lifelong learners are better placed to make an impact in their chosen industry. “If you want to understand the business world today, you have to know and be close to the companies that are changing things today”.

Challenges of learning


Education is not only valuable because of the knowledge it provides, but also the experience it offers. Learning can be difficult whether having to get to grips with new information, taking exams or problem-solving mistakes. But it is dealing with these ups and downs that make it so valuable.
“In the end, the road to success or failure is the combination of small mistakes and small successes.”
Through experiencing the various failures and successes that come with education, students will be better prepared for the different challenges that come their way in the future.

A digital future


With the onset of the pandemic, many people in education have had to make the transition to online learning. And while there has been resistance in its uptake, many have come to realise the benefits it can have.
“Many people were sceptical about online training, they didn’t believe in it. And, given the circumstances, in many cases, they have been forced to try it. And when you try it, you realise that it’s an approach with all the advantages that we have always considered it to have: much more comfortable, much closer, super-efficient.”
As entrepreneurs deliver education to people through technology in new and innovative ways, online learning seems to be here to stay.

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