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You’ve voted us the best UK Mobile Network in the Trusted Reviews Awards 2018. Thank you.


A world of rewards built around what you love with VeryMe.


No roaming charges in more destinations than any other UK network.


We're rolling out 5G to bring you faster mobile speeds than you’ve ever experienced before.

It's now even easier to join Vodafone

If you have a single account and would like to switch to us, simply text PAC to 65075 to cancel your contract with your current network and keep your mobile number.

If you don’t mind changing your number, text STAC to 75075 to cancel your contract with your current network and get a new mobile number with us.

You’ll receive your PAC or STAC code in just 60 seconds. Use your PAC or STAC code online or in a Vodafone store once you’ve bought your plan to complete your switch to Vodafone today.

If you've got any questions about joining Vodafone, contact us or visit us in store.
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