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Roaming changes in the USA


If you’re planning on travelling to the USA soon, there are some important changes taking place which may impact you.

The major operators in the USA are in the process of closing their 3G services. AT&T have already switched off its 3G services and from 1 July 2022, and T-Mobile will also be doing so. Therefore, if you’re roaming in the USA, you may experience lower quality voice calls and slower data speeds.

Unfortunately, this is an industry-wide issue, but you’ll still be able to roam but depending on your device you may now be limited to only roaming on 2G. More information is available in our FAQs.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are working on implementing a solution with our mobile network roaming partners to help mitigate the impact.

How will this impact me?

As a Vodafone mobile network customer, the impact will vary depending on your device.

Customers who have a 4G-capable device will have access to the T-Mobile 2G network for voice calls, and the T-Mobile 4G network for data. They should be able to access AT&T’s 4G network for data too, for example if travelling through any areas with limited or no T-Mobile coverage.

Customers who are on 3G devices will have access to voice calls and data on the T-Mobile 2G network. However, all customers will still be able to send text messages (over T-Mobile’s 2G network).

To see if your device is capable of 4G calling abroad, please check our list of compatible devices. If your device is not on the list, we can’t confirm if it supports 4G calling abroad. To find out more, please check with the phone manufacturer via their website, or the paperwork that came with your phone.

We recommend that you consult our list of FAQs for further helpful information on what to bear in mind before travelling to the USA.

Bought through a Vodafone partner?

Business customers who have bought through one of our partners should contact their partner directly to confirm their roaming rates.

4G calling in the USA

We’re working to implement a solution that will enable customers with a 4G plan who are roaming in the USA to make voice calls over the 4G network. Once this solution is in place, it will enable 4G calling abroad.

To use this solution you’ll need a device capable of 4G calling abroad.

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Please note: If you have a 4G plan and want to check if your device is capable of 4G calling abroad, you can check our device list below.

Please also make sure you’re on the latest software by going to: Settings > General > Software update

Devices capable of 4G calling abroad






List is based on information Vodafone have received from device manufacturers as of date of publishing.


What is the issue?

Will devices work?

Why am I having issues with my phone now?

Will customers have access to any networks?

How do I connect to another network?

Will there be customers who are unable to make calls, texts and use data?

Can customers still make calls?

Can customers still send texts?

Can I still use data?

How do I switch between networks?

Will this affect all customers?

If I have a 4G capable phone, why can’t I use 4G data?

What devices will this effect?

Which devices will be able to make 4G voice calls while roaming?

When will you be launching a solution for this?

How will roaming in the USA work during this time?

Why is it not live now?

Where can I get more info?

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