Vodafone Business Indirect Partnerships

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We want to build trust with you and work collaboratively to bring out the best in each other.

The next generation of speed, security and performance

Our connectivity portfolio offers an end-to-end approach that delivers network-wide, building-to-building and internet connectivity with the speed, security and performance you’d expect from a leading provider.

Why Vodafone is the right Partner for you

Enhance your expertise as part of our Partner network, and take advantage of a wide range of benefits to help grow your business.

“Our Indirect Partner network is supported by three pillars; engagement, enablement and marketing. We use our technology and expertise to provide you with the support you need to enhance your experiences and strengthen your customer relationships.”

Buying from a Vodafone Partner

Our rigorously selected Partners offer businesses a rich network to help them do more. They offer local, specialised expertise, capability, solutions and services.

Why Vodafone for partners

Competitive pricing

We offer cost-effective business solutions that can help you save time and money.

World-class network security capability

World-class network security capability

Broad connectivity portfolio

Choose from a wide range of connectivity solutions, designed to help your business succeed.

Dedicated support

Access expert advice and dedicated support from our experienced teams.