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What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone is a second-hand device which is ready for resale in top working condition.

Many of the refurbished phones that we sell are unused - they’ve been bought brand new and returned to us within 14 days because the original buyer changed their mind.

Getting a refurbished phone from us isn’t the same as getting a second-hand phone from a friend or auction site - they’re professionally checked, repaired and extensively tested before they’re sold on. They look and function like a new phone, but they’re not brand new in the box.

What are the benefits of getting a refurbished phone?

  • It’s more affordable - own a phone which looks and feels new for less
  • It’s better for the environment - reduce electronic waste and lower your carbon footprint
  • Keep your phone up and running - get a 12-month warranty with repair fees included in your plan


Refurbished phones

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