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ⓘ We've received applications for all 250,000 free data SIMs.

While we're glad we've been able to help so many school children #KeepConnecting, we're sorry to say that we can't accept any more applications right now.



Free data for 250,000 school children

We all know how important education is, but there are too many children and families struggling to stay connected digitally to their schools.

That's why, as part of our schools.connected plan, we're offering up to 250,000 free data SIMs - with 30GB data for 90 days - to children in primary and secondary schools across the UK, so they can #KeepConnecting and learning at home. Terms apply

Why we need to #KeepConnecting

Headteachers and education trusts across the UK have highlighted home connectivity as a major concern for school children that have fallen behind in their studies due to COVID-19 restrictions, particularly in deprived areas.

These free SIMs will help those school children most in need to access school work from home, catch up on lost learning during school holidays and continue with their education if they are required to isolate.

Why we need to #KeepConnecting
30GB SIM card

Data-only SIM
30GB data
Lasts 90 days
Terms apply

What else do you need to know?

Data lasts for 90 days once the SIM is activated.

Put the SIM into a smartphone to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot - or insert straight into a smart laptop.

All SIMs are pre-configured to block age-restricted content.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately not - headteachers are the only people allowed to place orders for their own schools.

If you think you would benefit from these SIMs, please get in touch with your headteacher.

Headteachers are ultimately responsible for the decisions at their schools, which is why we feel they are best placed to make these orders - and to ensure that only one order is placed for each eligible school.

Headteachers will be able to place orders from Wednesday 18 November 2020 until Sunday 31 January 2021, or until we have distributed all 250,000 SIMs - whichever happens first.

Unfortunately we are only allowing one order for each eligible school, in order to help us support as many schools across the UK as possible. Multiple orders for the same school will not be accepted.

It should take two to three weeks for the SIMs to arrive at your school from the date of your order being placed.

We'll also keep you up to date on the progress of your order via email.

This is for the schools to decide because they are best placed to consider the educational needs of their pupils.

We anticipate that they will look at the available indicators, including free school meals, pupil premium etc.

We also trust that schools will look beyond these indicators and consider who else might be considered disadvantaged (e.g. pupils who may fall just above the threshold of getting access to any benefits).

This is a setting we provide on our network to prevent customers under the age of 18 from accessing age-inappropriate content on mobile devices, such as pornography, violence, discrimination, drugs or crime.

This content bar works when using the Vodafone mobile network only, which means if your device is connected to the internet over WiFi, this age-inappropriate content may still be available - this can be managed from the settings of the broadband provider.

There are limitations in internet search engine results or adult content hosted on social media sites, so we always recommend parental supervision when children are using digital technology. We also recommend applying additional parental controls and filtering to your child's device, app, browser and search engine settings.

Find out more about parental controls and filtering

These SIMs are compatible with any smartphones, tablets and other devices that have a SIM card port.

If your device also has a hotspot feature, you can use this to tether other smartphones, tablets or laptops to this connection - even if they don't have a SIM card port.

For more information on using hotspots, head to our device guides.

If your device is locked to another network that isn't Vodafone, you will have to get in touch with that provider and ask them for a Network Unlock Code (NUC).

The 30GB data will last for 90 days, which starts from the moment the SIM card is activated.

Once those 90 days are up, you will still be able to top up the SIM with data, like a regular data-only SIM, for which you will be charged in accordance with your selected price plan.

For more information, please visit our Top up page.

No, these are data-only SIMs.

If you're having issues with your SIM card, please book an appointment with a Tech Team expert by visiting our Tech Team page. All appointments are currently conducted virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Alternatively, call us on 191 free from a Vodafone mobile, or 03333 040191 from a non-Vodafone mobile.

If we're unable to fix the issue, we would advise the pupil/parent in possession of the SIM to get in touch with their school to claim another SIM card.

If you require a replacement SIM, contact schools.connected@gktelecom.com for support.

If you think your school is eligible for this scheme but is not on the list, please ask the headteacher of the school to get in contact with our partner, GK Telecom, for further assessment.

Email: schools.connected@gktelecom.com

Every state primary and secondary school in the UK is entitled to these 30GB data SIMs. We are using an allocation system which helps us determine how many SIMs we offer to each school.

This system is built around a number of factors, including the school type and proportion of pupils eligible for free school meals in the local authority a school is located in.

Once your order has been confirmed, you should receive an email with order tracking details from our partner, GK Telecom.

If you didn't receive this email, or you need further support with your order, please get in touch using the details below.

Telephone: 01753 568 441
Email: schools.connected@gktelecom.com