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Say it with more than just words

Did you know that about 90% of communication is non-verbal? That’s why, when you call with us, you can share more than your words. 

Add a message to your call, so they know what’s what before they pick up. Share your location so they know where to find you, or send video and pics to liven things up. Even if you’re out in the sticks, we’ve got you – with WiFi Calling, and Sure Signal. 

Oh – and did we mention that our network is award-winning?

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Before the call

Prioritise calls and personalise them with a location, favourite images and a subject.

During the call

Enable a video call and share photos or videos while you speak. Share the same map and even sketch on it together.

After the call

If the person you called couldn’t pick up, send them a message to let them know why you were calling.

How to use our calling features

Simple – if you got your phone from us, they’ll be pre-installed and ready to go. 

The legal bit

WiFi Calling

Hit play to hear how WiFi Calling can help you out when signal is scarce. 

More on WiFi Calling

4G Calling

Instead of dropping to 2G and 3G, you can keep your phone 4G-connected while you’re on a call. As well as getting HD-quality audio, this means you can carry on using apps, streaming and downloading as you talk. Sound handy? We'll help you get set up

HD Voice

Make yourself heard with crystal-clear, high-definition audio and minimal background noise. Here’s how it works 

Enjoy crystal clear, high definition calls with HD Voice

Check your network coverage

Simply enter your location into our Network Status Checker to see the signal strength you can expect in your area. You can also check on planned network maintenance and get live updates.