More from your messages with chat

Make your messages more personal, more fun, and more varied using the location services, voice notes and GIFs in Vodafone Chat. Put more of you into every message you send with a host of new features. Send your friends, family and even the businesses you love interactive messages that say more than words ever could.

Chat is the new way to connect with your friends - make the planning part of the fun.

What can Vodafone Chat do for you?

Keep all your group chats in one place - make planning, chatting and sharing easy

Share even more in your messages - add your location, pictures, and GIFs

Add voice notes - share those special moments with friends and family

Automatically flip between SMS and Chat - never miss out on a message

Chat with your favourite businesses for even faster customer service

Forget long waits on customer call lines – business messaging means you can talk straight to your favourite businesses, leaving you more time to do the things you love.

Talk directly to the businesses that mean the most to you, find out about sales, new products and even change delivery times with a simple text.

How does it all work?

Chat is now ready to use on more devices than ever. To get started, go into your message settings and make sure your Chat settings are on. If the option isn't there, you can simply download Android messages.

At the moment our Chat features aren’t available on iPhone – but we’ll let you know when things change. 

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