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What’s Vodafone Red Hot?

Love smartphones, hate waiting? With Vodafone Red Hot you’ll be on a 24 month plan - but you can get your hands on one of our hottest devices by upgrading 12 months early.

You get a huge allowance of minutes, texts and data - pick one of our 4G plans to take advantage of our new network. When you want to upgrade just bring your current phone back to your nearest store and we’ll get you started.

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Bought your phone after September 2013? How to upgrade

How do I upgrade 12 months early?

To upgrade up to 12 months before the end of your plan, just call us on 150 or come into your nearest store. We'll need to take back your current phone and check it's in good condition - then pick any of the latest phones on our Red Hot plans.

What do we mean by 'good condition'?

  • It's the same phone that came with your original price plan - this includes the make, model, colour, memory size.
  • It must be in good condition and full working order - with no deep scratches to the screen or dents and chips to the casing.
  • It's not registered as stolen or missing, and does not have any open insurance claims on it.

If you return a phone that is not in good condition and you have not made a claim on your insurance, you will be charged. The charge will depend on the extent of the damage to your phone.

What if you don't want to upgrade early?

That's fine. You won't have to give your phone back. Just pick a new plan when your contract ends.

Bought your phone before September 2013? How to upgrade

At the end of your contract, you can return your leased phone and start a Red Hot plan with a new phone.

What do you need to do?

Just visit your local retail store where one of our advisers can get you started with your upgrade.

What happens next?

A settlement letter will be requested for your hire agreement, then you'll hand back your current phone. Our advisers will send it away to have its condition checked by independent assessors. Once you’ve handed your phone back, and if you have no outstanding payments left on your agreement, you can upgrade to one of our new Red Hot plans and get a shiny new phone.

What if my phone's damaged?

If you're not insured or your claim isn't settled before you return it, you'll be charged for any damage before we swap your phone. We'll send you a letter and add any damage charges to your account – this should take about a week.

How much will you be charged for damage?

Red Hot phones - grades explained
Condition What this means Charge
Grade A Phone and charger are returned in good condition with normal wear and tear. No charge
Grade B Works and is in fair condition – has deep scratches, chips or dents to the phone, the ports are worn or there's water damage. £75
Grade C There are cracks on the phone and the screen. Phone switches on but the ports and buttons are worn. £150
Grade D Doesn't work – there's a lot of damage to the screen and phone, the buttons are damaged, it doesn't switch on, the phone has had components added, the specification doesn't match what was originally supplied, it has a non-approved operating system or is damaged beyond repair. £300-£425
(charges are phone dependent)
Unreturned phone If the phone isn't returned within seven days of the end of your contract. £300-£425
(charges are phone dependent)

Vodafone Red Hot Leasing Ts&Cs

Take a look at our Red Hot Leasing contract and Red Hot Leasing insurance