We’ve switched off our 3G network

We switched off 3G in 2024

3G is a technology that we started to deploy in the early 2000s, becoming the main way our customers got data on their mobiles, even as recently as 2013. Now, thanks to our massive investment in 4G and 5G, 3G has been retired.

Phone calls are better on 4G. Mobile data is better on 4G. And it's better still on 5G.

The radio spectrum we used for 3G will be reused to deliver 5G and boost 4G. More customers will get faster speeds as they switch to new 5G-enabled handsets.

Check your coverage and device settings

Check if you have 4G in your area

Use our network status checker to see what signal you can get in your area

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Check if your device can use 4G

Find out how to check what network you can use in the device settings

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Set up WiFi calling on your device

Find out how to make calls and receive messages anywhere you get a WiFi signal

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