Vodafone’s 5G-ready mobile private network at Centrica paves way for energy sector of the future

Centrica’s plant in North Yorkshire will be the first in the UK to benefit from a secure 5G-ready mobile private network, a move set to kick-start a 5G revolution in the energy and utilities sector.

  • First 5G-ready Mobile Private Network (MPN) in the energy and utilities sector in the UK

  • Secure, dedicated network delivers high-speed and low latency to transform the plant into a fully connected digital ecosystem

  • Centrica will be able to assess risk and urgency of repairs in real time, resulting in significant efficiencies and cost savings

In a first for the energy and utilities industry, Vodafone is deploying a dedicated MPN at their North Yorkshire plant to boost efficiency, improve safety and reduce business risk.

Vodafone’s 5G-ready network will enable a range of transformative use cases including protecting worker safety with gas exposure alerts, as well as more remote maintenance through the introduction of digital solutions and applications.

In this industrial setting, WiFi doesn't give the level of bandwidth and latency required. A 5G-ready MPN however will transform almost every process across the plant in one connected ecosystem.

“The Mobile Private Network will provide Centrica with a conduit through which connects myriad internet-enabled devices. This will improve safety, asset performance and remote monitoring, which leads to a safer and cost-efficient plant.”

Connectivity brings more efficiency, keeping Centrica in the know

A 5G-ready MPN connects millions of devices to one another, feeding data in real time using IoT sensors.

This network supports anything from handheld to augmented reality (AR) devices that monitor hard-to-reach places and help secure unmanned sites.

Centrica engineers will be able to quickly spot any issues across the facility with this technology, minimising downtime while also being able to manage energy consumption more effectively.

Aside from the expected cost savings, higher productivity and safer workplace, Vodafone’s network will also make the facility fit for the future.

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