Vodafone Business Edge Computing enables real-time drone security

Vodafone and AWS have brought to life Distributed Edge Computing and empower Dedrone to overcome legacy security infrastructures.

  • Vodafone Business Distributed Edge Computing allows Dedrone’s software platform to detect, classify and locate drones in real time

  • Distributed Edge Computing enables connectivity and computing in locations where it would be difficult to physically connect without great expense or disruption

  • Distributed Edge Computing enables secure agile multi-site deployments, all without the need to lay metres of cabling

Unauthorised or malicious drones in protected airspace, such as ports and airports, power plants, and military bases, can cause shutdowns, delays, or pose a terrorist threat. So how can you ensure drone detection is working swiftly enough to stop such threats in their tracks, wherever they go?

Through Vodafone’s 5G and 4G networks and Edge Computing services with AWS Wavelength, Dedrone is able to work swiftly to stop such threats in their tracks, providing complete airspace security to protect critical infrastructure against unwanted drone activity.

Dedrone has integrated its counter-drone platform into Vodafone Business’ Distributed Edge Computing powered by AWS Wavelength, helping to ensure rapid detection, critical decision-making and the safety of premises and personnel.

Overcoming legacy challenges

Vodafone Business Edge Computing solution combines a range of sensors with video analytics to allow organisations to immediately detect, classify and locate drones in real time.

A major challenge for critical site facilities is how to increase security by deploying new solutions like this in ageing and challenging environments that often have minimal or legacy network infrastructure.

These sites have struggled to implement drone protection without convenient, high-speed network access, meaning that drone activity alerts and insights can’t happen quickly enough.

“Integrating Dedrone’s counter-drone platform into Vodafone Business’ Edge Computing solution means customers can quickly and easily extend their security systems to better protect their lower airspace from drone threats”

Upgrading security platforms

Vodafone Business’s collaboration with AWS brings to life Distributed Edge by locating AWS infrastructure at the edge of Vodafone’s 4G and 5G network. Distributed Edge means Dedrone can overcome some of their customers’ infrastructure challenges to achieve connectivity in difficult locations and install sensors without laying many metres of cabling.

Sites of critical importance can now seamlessly upgrade their security programs to protect their lower airspace. Dedrone sensors can then detect, classify and locate drones in real time and empower customers with vital security alerts, so they have the advantage when faced with malicious or unauthorised drone interference.

In scenarios when milliseconds matter, that can make an incredible difference.

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