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Vodafone Business Managed Security Services keeps DAC Beachcroft secure

  • DAC Beachcroft are a leading international law firm.
  • As employees work from home, preventing security breaches became a prime concern.
  • With the help of Vodafone Business security solutions, DAC Beachcroft have deployed penetration testing and cyber exposure diagnostic services to help manage people, places and data.


DAC Beachcroft are an international law firm headquartered in London. They lead a team of over 2,500 employees with expertise ranging from insurance and healthcare to real estate and general commercial law. Recognised for the quality of their insights and outstanding commitment to client service, data is extremely important to DAC Beachcroft. They therefore turned to Vodafone Business to ensure their client data is as secure as possible.

Protecting legal data with DAC Beachcroft


DAC Beachcroft recognised how much the landscape has changed in the last few years. With the increasing number of employees working from home, every internet point needs to be protected. The potential impact of getting their security wrong could be reputationally and financially devastating for their people and clients.

Cyber security is more than keeping the IT team trained – the entire staff should be resilient to threats. Therefore, it’s key to identify, detect, respond to and resolve these possible threats to minimise risks and costs to the business, something that DAC Beachcroft was also aware of. They needed testing services for their web applications and diagnostics for laptops and servers. Together, DAC Beachcroft and Vodafone Business developed a strong relationship and deployed penetration testing and cyber exposure diagnostic services to help manage these threats.

Why Vodafone Business Managed Security Services?

Vodafone Business Managed Security Services offer end-to-end security capabilities to manage threats to people, places and data. They include cyber exposure diagnostics to identify further improvements and investments to be made towards your business’ cyber security; vulnerability assessment to pinpoint existing vulnerabilities in your infrastructure systems; and in-depth penetration testing that simulates an actual attack on your business to help uncover weaknesses.

“We are really confident in Vodafone's ability to help serve the business and help ensure that our security is world class.”

David Aird, IT Director, DAC Beachcroft


With diagnostics, assessment and testing complete, DAC Beachcroft had a formal report produced by Vodafone Business. The report was clear and easy to understand, highlighting areas of strength and several quick wins along with longer-term improvements that have been fed into DAC Beachcroft’s wider strategy. All the way through the process there were regular update calls and monthly update reports, so they knew exactly where they were in the process.


During the regular update calls and with the monthly update reports, Vodafone Business guided DAC Beachfront through the entire cyber security testing process and discussed the findings in detail. All reports were clear and easy to understand, highlighting the areas of strength. As well, longer term improvements were fed into their wider IT strategy to secure web apps, laptops, servers.

DAC Beachcroft are very pleased with the output and it’s something they would look to repeat again to assure the improvements they’ve made have been implemented successfully.

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