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Energy Networks Association

Power to the people

Energy Networks Association (ENA) has developed a sophisticated telecommunications platform to improve customer experience.

As the industry body for the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), ENA ensures energy is supplied to homes and business across the UK.

When research found that 72% of people didn’t know who to contact when they experienced a loss of power, the company took up the responsibility to address the issue.

ENA worked with Vodafone to create a memorable – and free – three-digit number for energy customers to call when they lost power. With 105, customers simply dial the number and are transferred straight through to their local distribution network operator.

“We will eventually be looking at a situation where almost all calls from customers dealing with a power outage, will be going through the Vodafone network.”

Tony Glover, Director of Policy, Energy Networks Association
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Record delivery

ENA delivered the 105 service within extremely short timescales, and was one of the first three-digit numbers to be delivered for the private sector in the UK.


Reliable and automated service

Over 1.2 million customers have used the service, and up to 40% of power outage calls are now being routed through 105.


Reliable and automated service

Customer satisfaction has already risen to 85%, as DNOs are informed faster about customer power outages, allowing them to react quicker.


Better insight

The innovative platform also works as an insight tool, providing further benefits to the district network operators.

Find out how we helped Energy Networks Association launch innovative customer platform 105

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