Energy Networks Association improves customer satisfaction by 85%  


  • As the industry body for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), ENA ensures energy is supplied to homes and businesses across the UK. 

  • When research found that 72% of people didn’t know who to contact when they experienced a loss of power, the company took up the responsibility to address the issue. 

  • ENA worked with Vodafone to create an easy-to-remember and free number to dial when customers have a power cut. They simply call 105 and are transferred straight through to their local distribution network operator. 

Meet ENA  

The Energy Networks Association is a nonprofit industry body for local electricity network operators. Distribution Network Operators manage and maintain the wires, pipes and other infrastructure which deliver electricity to homes and businesses. 

The challenge 

Who to call  

We use gas and electricity to power our lives but rarely think about where they come from or how they are supplied. Distribution Network Operators across the UK work behind the scenes all year round, to limit power cuts and minimise disruption for customers.  

“People don’t experience power cuts often and we work hard to make sure they are rare. When they do happen, we get people back on as soon as we can safely do so,” says Tony Glover, Director of Policy, Energy Networks Association.  

As power cuts are a rare occurrence, ENA estimates that 72% of people don’t know who to contact when the power goes out.  

“Our system is very reliable, and we needed a platform to ensure that if there is a problem with the network, we are dealing with it quickly and efficiently. We also wanted to get back to customers as soon as possible.”

The solution 

Effective customer service 

ENA partnered with Vodafone to create a free and easy-to-remember phone number for reporting a power outage. Customers can now simply call 105 and are transferred straight through to their DNO. The innovative routing service also takes into account that callers may be phoning from a different location to the power cut, or that the customer may be in an area on a border of two network operators’ areas.  

Vodafone’s telecommunications platform is capable of matching the needs of DNOs and meeting high customer service standards.  

The solution delivers peace of mind and saves customers and network operators time and effort. “It critically ensures that despite the national three-digit number, it’s the local network operators that customers are put through to. So, when they pick up the phone and dial 105, whether they are in Land’s End or John O’Groats, it identifies their postcode and directs them through to the right call centre,” says Tony. 

The benefits 

A reliable automated solution  

Partnering with Vodafone, ENA delivered dialling service 105 within extremely short timescales. It’s one of the first three-digit numbers for private sector customers with users topping one million.  

Up to 40% of all power outage calls are now being routed through 105, with customer satisfaction rising to 85%. The platform also works as an insight tool – faster outage insights allow DNOs to react much quicker.   


Energy Networks Association serves over 1 million customers across the UK.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has risen to 85% thanks to dialling service 105.

Calls re-routed

Up to 40% of all power outage calls are now being routed to regional support.

Dialling service 105 

With dialling service 105, ENA can now offer a solution that instantly helps customers find their local electricity network provider. Calling the number is free and can take the hassle out of reporting power outages.  

"With millions of users and increasing positive feedback, ENA is keen to grow the awareness and engagement of 105 even further, working with Vodafone to continue the operation of the platform.

"Vodafone’s system is delivering, and I expect the usage figures to go up,” concludes Tony. 

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