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Protecting people and property

The defence systems manufacturer’s staff stay connected wherever they are in the world – without worrying about roaming fees.

Hesco manufactures, designs and deploys defence barriers in numerous countries throughout the world.

Keeping in contact with customers and making sure employees can contact each other easily is vital to the success of Hesco’s global operations. However, their existing communications solution didn’t provide a service they could depend on.

Being able to roam worry free has enabled Hesco to improve its customer service through reliable connections and better access to company resources. It’s also offered more predictable costs – so employees can work abroad as they would at home without worrying about unexpected bills.

“Having the capability to stay in touch with our teams 24/7 is paramount. We know that we can get in touch and engage with customers and colleagues, wherever they are.”

Ross Thompson, Head of Marketing, Hesco Group
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Stay better connected

Hesco has seen an improvement in the quality of its customer service by connecting more efficiently with international colleagues and customers.

Predictable costs

Hesco knows what its roaming costs will be, based on where its teams are in the world.

More productive people

Smarter, more flexible working has been achieved now that employees can use their data allowances to access emails and the internet on the go.

Safety first

With reliable mobile communications, Hesco can ensure its employees are safe when they’re working in remote areas across the globe.

Find out how we helped Hesco use roaming worry-free

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