Hexadex saves on global roaming costs with Vodafone Business Traveller 


  • Hexadex is a group of privately owned engineering companies based in the UK. Their growing global operations mean their teams need reliable connectivity when travelling for business.

  • Their existing mobile and data solutions were expensive and complicated.

  • Vodafone Business Traveller means Hexadex keeps their teams connected wherever they roam with a simpler, cost-effective solution.

Meet Hexadex

Hexadex Limited is the UK-based holding company of a global group of privately-owned engineering companies, with three UK subsidiaries.

Based in Lincolnshire, the company is growing in China and Mexico, with plans for development in other countries. International travel across time zones is a common activity for many employees.

Hexadex provides company mobile phones to sales, marketing and manufacturing teams.

The challenge

“A significant part of our mobile phone bill was paying for using phones abroad. When people went over their voice or data cap, they ended up using ten times the allowance. It cost thousands of pounds for one trip to one country,” says Tony Packham, Group I.S. Manager, Hexadex.

Not only were their mobile bills excessive, but their contracts were also complex to administer. “We needed to put a bolt-on package on our roaming tariff every time someone went abroad, and then you needed to remember to take it off when they came home. You didn’t want to leave a bolt-on package active when someone came back to the UK, as you’d be presented with a massive bill at the end,’’ Tony explains.

With an increasingly global operation, the company turned to Vodafone to ensure they have dependable, cost-effective communications solutions that support their teams and business growth.

“When you’re trying to set up a factory on the other side of the world, you don’t want to be worrying about using your mobile phone. Vodafone’s service allows our staff to use their mobile phone in the way it’s intended.”

The solution 

As an expanding international business, it was essential for Hexadex to find a simpler, more cost-effective mobile solution. Their employees no longer need to use bolt-ons or additional tariffs to make calls or use data internationally with Vodafone.

“Now we can travel internationally and use our UK allowance, simply through paying an enabling fee on the days we use mobile phones in Europe Zone 2 and World Zone. It takes away the cost risk. We don’t need to have our people abroad being constantly wary of receiving emails or calls,” says Tony.

Hexadex now has the voice and data solutions their teams need, all while reducing their costs and growing their business.

The benefits 

Hexadex employees now have greater peace of mind when using their mobile phones abroad, knowing that they can make calls or use data without fear of a huge bill.

“Our staff are much more productive now. Whether it’s voice or data, they’re more available and more proactive. They can continue to manage their business in the UK despite being in another country. We’re saving money domestically and internationally,” says Tony.

Connected to the world’s largest 4G network with coverage in over 120 countries around the world, Hexadex teams now have a reliable, dependable solution tailored to their international communication needs.

A robust solution with enhanced support 

Vodafone Business Traveller allows Hexadex now manage all their billing through one consolidated system, rather than having to manage each individual mobile phone or user. They also have the support of one regional account manager they can go to for all their communication needs.

“Our account manager will contact us from time to time to check that everything is okay and I’m always happy to take that call. It’s always nice to report that everything is good. Having our account manager there is extremely valuable because there’s one person to go to for anything,’’ says Tony.

“We’re a developing company and our international reach is growing rapidly. With Vodafone, we can focus on the business, with a reliable and robust mobile phone solution behind us.”

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