Fleet Analytics keeps critical case services in shape 

Learn how vodafone business helped Maurice Flynn & Sons LTD to keep their employees safe and their business on track.

  • Maurcice Flynn & Sons Ltd.'s fleet services must be available to provide support critical public services whenever needed

  • Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics provides them with real-time user analytics to monitor fleet vehicles and employee driving styles

  • They've increased fleet productivity by 12% and reduced their carbon emissions by 30%

Meet Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd 

Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd manage standard light commercial and heavy goods vehicles, as well as specialist environmental and mobile working platforms. Every vehicle is customised with the right equipment, so their team have everything they need to complete jobs. 

They’ve managed industry-leading building and maintenance projects for over 40 years. The company has a varied and extensive portfolio across multiple buildings and industries such as: 

  • Huge property builds and restorations 

  • Helping people get into social care properties 

  • Helping older people with heating repairs 

“Being able to reduce our fleet vehicle carbon emissions in a tangible and manageable way, means the world to us. We know that we’re making a positive difference to our environmental impact with better driving, vehicle maintenance and route planning.”


Due to their vast portfolio, it’s extremely important that Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd are available to respond and get their job or fix, “right, first-time, on-time.” 

As a family run business, they have strong people values. So, they aimed to reduce their environmental impact and to build an ethical company filled with empowered and enthusiastic employees. 

With vehicles on the road for over a decade, they wanted a fleet management system that would: 

  • Give them deeper insight 

  • Give them confidence they were making the right decision for their business 

  • Help to achieve quality service through a great customer experience and brand reputation 

  • Help reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions 

  • Protect their teams and reduce risk with safe driving 

  • Reduce fleet spend through optimised route planning and predictive maintenance 

For these reasons, they chose and welcomed our digital fleet management tool, Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics.  


Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics has world-leading intelligent data and reporting capabilities. This includes harsh-braking, cornering and acceleration used in driver improvement training and education programmes. 

The real-time telematics vehicle performance data helps Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd.’s maintenance garages spot any issues with vehicles ahead of time. 

On the road, the data helps teams to cut idle times (time when the engine runs but is not travelling) and to reduce vehicle: 

  • Wear-and-tear 

  • Maintenance 

  • Fuel costs 

  • Carbon emissions 

Barry Grant, IT manager at Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd, says: “Regular predictive maintenance helps us avoid lengthy spells in our service depots, reduces our repair costs and improves our vehicle availability by as much as a third. Mean Tim Before Failure (MTBF) analytics allow better management of fleet numbers and drive fleet replacement, resulting in an increase in availability and a more adaptable, leaner fleet.” 


Thanks to Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd have: 

  • Protected fleet teams and assets 

  • Increased fleet productivity by 12% by having the right employees, equipment and vehicles available 

  • Improved teams efficiency and work-life balance  

  • Reduced fuel consumption by 30% with better driving, vehicle maintenance and route planning 

  • Measured and reduced carbon emissions by 30% using Green Fleet Dashboard reporting 

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