Vodafone and Miller’s Vanguard keep kitchens cooking

The leading equipment service and maintenance company in the UK food service sector offers customers an 85% first-time fix rate.

Think of any major supermarket or high street food store and there’s a good chance the equipment they use to cook, bake or grill shoppers’ food has been supplied by Miller’s Vanguard.

To ensure its customers are always up and running, Miller’s Vanguard engineers are on-call all day, every day. However, they were hampered by out-of-date technology and a dependence on bulky, unreliable and costly printed product manuals.

“There are no wasted trips and our engineers are better able to fix issues first time, particularly on out-of-hours jobs.”

Working with our Better Ways of Working team, Miller’s Vanguard upgraded to new Panasonic Toughpad tablets. Engineers can now share product updates and fixes in the field, while digitised product manuals mean they have accurate, in-depth product information – and more room in their vans for spare parts.

Miller’s Vanguard is now able to offer customers an 85% first-fix rate – even outside of normal working hours.

Find out how we helped Miller's Vanguard heat up first-time fix rates


Improved experience

Engineers can fix more issues on their first visit thanks to readily available, up-to-date product information.

Reduction in costs

Updated product manuals no longer need to be printed for each engineer, saving £270,000 over 3 years.

Empowered employees

With no need for paper manuals, engineers have more room in their vans for spare parts and other equipment.

Improved collaboration

Head office and engineers can easily share product updates and fixes with each other.

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