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Keeping the lights on

The lighting maintenance company saves an hour every day thanks to Vodafone’s Total Workforce Mobility.

Employing over 40 support staff and 85 engineers, Quicklight provides lighting maintenance services to companies of all kinds, all over the country.

Its engineers are constantly on the road. So Quicklight needed a solution that would allow them to work more efficiently, giving them all the information they need when they need it, while reducing the amount of paperwork being carried to each job.

Working with Vodafone and TBS, Quicklight implemented Total Workforce Mobility. Engineers can now access their paperwork using Samsung smartphones, meaning they can act more quickly on every job – resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

“I would say that Vodafone Total Workforce Mobility has made the engineers an hour more productive each day. That means there is an hour more time for them to do actual electrical work, rather than paperwork.”

Richard McCabe, Managing Director, Quicklight
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A more productive team

By accessing their paperwork on Samsung smartphones, Quicklight engineers have saved noticeable time in their busy days.


Improved customer satisfaction

Engineers can now access pre-populated documents and customer prices remotely, allowing them to act quicker.


Streamlined business

The efficiency savings have stretched beyond the engineers, extending to the back-office staff who are now working with a new CRM system.


Ready for the future

With Vodafone’s Total Workforce Mobility solution, Quicklight will be able to future-proof its business and face any changes in technology confidently.

Find out how we helped Quicklight save an hour each day

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