Studio 41 chooses Vodafone’s One Net Anywhere for seamless connectivity 


  • Studio 41 is a family-run, alternative, health and fitness centre based in Hampshire.

  • Studio 41’s personal trainers needed to answer their phone remotely to avoid missing calls made to the gym.

  • One Net Anywhere gives Studio 41 consistent connectivity and ensures no customer enquiries are missed.

Meet Studio 41 

Studio 41 is a family-run health and fitness centre based in Hampshire. Driven by helping people feel good about themselves, they offer classes and courses to those who want to become seriously fit, need physical rehabilitation, or simply wish to transform their body and change the way they eat. 

The challenge 

Get that call at the right time 

Before Studio 41 had their own venue, customers got in touch with them through each coach’s personal mobile phone number. They wanted to make sure they won’t miss any new business enquiries by moving to a static landline – as this could make the difference between a stagnating business and a thriving venture for them. While it made a lot of sense for them to get a fixed number to allow their business to operate more professionally, they couldn’t afford to pass up new clients. 

“When the business was starting, it was really important that you get that call at the right time. That one new enquiry could be the difference between us being in business, and not in business.”

The solution 

Consistent connectivity 

The solution was One Net Anywhere. By establishing a Vodafone virtual landline number that rings their mobiles, Studio 41 coaches are now reachable almost anywhere, whether they’re teaching a class, walking the dog or at home. Designed for businesses with up to nine employees, One Net Anywhere is a perfect fit for Studio 41, ensuring they can offer their services with seamless connectivity, and never miss a client. 

The benefits 

Highly professional 

As Vodafone One Net Anywhere allows Studio 41’s personal trainers to answer their phone anywhere, the business appears to have a permanent onsite presence, and never misses an opportunity to talk to the next potential client. Their business can run more flexibly, while Johny and his wife are not constrained to nine to five hours. This in turn leads to more time together, and with their family. “The kids and the dogs, they've got a great deal,” says Marie Behenna, Director and Co-founder.  

One Net Anywhere 

Never miss a call 

Anyone in the team can pick up calls or voicemails, even out and about.  

Reduce costs 

No call divert charges since you stay on the Vodafone network.  

Expand your catchment  

Choose a number with any geographic code to appeal to new markets.  

A thriving venture 

Since utilising One Net Anywhere, receiving and accessing their calls at the right time has been a breeze for Studio 41. With this in place, the co-founders can now concentrate on giving their venue a seamless look and feel, getting ready to scale up their business.  

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