thebigword & Vodafone’s One Net Enterprise


  • thebigword is a world leader in language interpretation and translation technology, supporting governments and global brands around the world 

  • Vodafone suggested they try One Net Enterprise, a cloud-based solution, to help them meet their customers’ stringent service-level agreements (SLAs) 

  • One Net Enterprise gives them the flexibility they need to work more effectively 


Meet thebigword 

thebigword is one of the world’s top 20 language service providers. Their aim is to make the world a smaller place by supporting global trade and helping people access services in their own languages.  

The company wanted to deploy a cloud-based communications solution, but still needed to be able to meet very stringent SLAs with confidence. They felt the best way to achieve this was through a robust technology solution that surrounds their whole product. 

The solution

For Vodafone, One Net Enterprise was the obvious choice to help thebigword. One Net Enterprise joins up your desk, mobile and PC-based phones into one unified system with the flexibility of the cloud.  

 This helps thebigword’s customers and employees stay connected with a suite of services that intelligently unifies all fixed and mobile communication and collaboration tools across their business. 

“We wanted to deploy a faster, more intelligent solution anywhere in the world in real time. This enables us to benefit our global customers, but more importantly, enables our linguist community to work more effectively and independently”

The benefits

After implementation of One Net Enterprise, thebigword was able to translate and interpret over 1 million words a month in 232 languages for their commercial and government customers.  

Moving forward, they’ll be the first language organisation to be entirely based in the cloud. 

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