Providing reliable services to Transport for Greater Manchester


  • Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) owns, manages and builds much of the city’s transport infrastructure. 

  • To power its services and staff mobile devices without disruption, TfGM was looking to switch to a reliable mobile network provider. 

  • With Vodafone, TfGM significantly improved its service management and reduced network friction.

Meet TfGM

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is responsible for public transport throughout the region, co-ordinating buses, trains, highways and more for the UK’s second largest local economy.

The challenge

As a vital part of the community, TfGM’s effectiveness is reliant on robust and secure communications. But after moving to a different mobile provider in 2012, TfGM was receiving poor service, and losing both orders and money.

“What we didn’t want to do was simply fix the problems we had […]. We wanted to reframe our expectations for mobile. Network resilience was non-negotiable.”

The solution

Once TfGM returned to Vodafone, our team conducted a complete device refresh for TfGM’s mobile device users, along with full staff training.

We also consolidated all billing and online ordering systems, which have greatly reduced management involvement and delivered contract transparency.

The results

After supplying their Urban Traffic Control team with specialised devices and mobile SIMs, all of TfGM’s mobile communications were now consolidated into a single, easy to manage account, resulting in cost reductions.

There are no more delays, no misplaced orders, and invoice errors are eliminated. Orders are fulfilled faster, with next day delivery.

In addition, Vodafone has trained TfGM’s frontline support staff, enabling more support calls to be fixed in-house, meaning less need to swap out faulty devices.

TfGM now self-fixes more issues, cutting administration and keeping fully functioning devices in the hands of users.

“When we look at total cost of ownership, it’s clear we’re now getting far more from our mobile estate. We have the right devices for the right staff,” says Clayton. 

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