TrouDigital and connected digital signage


  • TrouDigital provides digital signage solutions for a wide range of companies

  • A major airline asked them for a solution to keep their staff updated during network disruptions

  • Around 200 screens were deployed with Vodafone IoT connectivity, which helps airline staff keep operations running smoothly during times of disruption

Meet TrouDigital

TrouDigital is a pioneer in the digital display space. They supply fast and effective screen communications, in both corporate and customer-facing environments.

The team enables remote management of content across multiple screens. They also seamlessly integrate other forms of software.


A major airline asked TrouDigital to provide a way to keep their staff informed of regular updates. They wanted this via digital signage at their headquarters near Heathrow.

TrouDigital also had multiple connectivity suppliers across various customers. This meant managing many different SIMs and processing many invoices.

The company spoke to Onecom, their trusted technology advisor. Onecom recommended Vodafone Business’ IoT connectivity.


TrouDigital delivered around 200 screens with Vodafone's 4G IoT connectivity. It allows every screen to maximise network availability and coverage, wherever they’re deployed.

Our Global Data Service Platform (GDSP) allows the monitoring of data usage. This ensures every screen has a continual live mobile data connection.

“The major airline was our first customer using cellular IoT connectivity at scale. We now have many customers using these solutions, enabling them to utilise this type of connectivity[...] whenever a traditional internet connection isn’t available.”


Following the successful installation at the airline’s headquarters, TrouDigital were asked to complete work in other business areas.

The screens kept passengers informed about a temporary Wi-Fi outage in an airport terminal. They’ve also helped airline staff to keep operations running smoothly during a time of disruption.

TrouDigital keep customers informed thanks to reliable 4G cellular IoT connectivity from Vodafone Business in partnership with Onecom, even when there’s:

  • Heavy internet traffic

  • Low connectivity

  • A full network outage

In addition, they can now bring everything together seamlessly in one place, maximising value for money.

Mario Troullis, Director at TrouDigital, said: “Onecom’s recommendation of Vodafone’s cellular IoT connectivity has provided tremendous value to our business. It has allowed us to provide digital signage with 4G connectivity so our customers can manage screens and provide communication to their customers in areas that previously couldn't be reached due to poor internet or Wi-Fi connections.”

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