Partnering to make any vehicle smart


  • Nextbase is the market leader of dashcams in the UK.

  • Partnership with Vodafone Business introduces IoT connectivity into the dashcam sector.

  • Featuring Vodafone’s latest European-wide Managed Automotive IoT connectivity, the Nextbase iQ has the ability to make vehicles more secure, smarter, and safer for years to come.

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Meet Nextbase

Founded in 1999, Nextbase is the UK’s market leading in car technology firm.

They’re committed to making an impact on journeys and lives through cutting-edge safety, security, and smart innovations. By documenting every part of each route, their dashcams can help to reduce anxiety and allow drivers to enjoy journeys more.

The solution

The evolution of dashcams has been driven mainly by the advances in technology, creating the natural next step of connecting cars.

The Nextbase iQ delivers all the safety and security consumers expect from best-in-class smart technology, accessible through the all new Nextbase iQ app.

These features stand to take any vehicle, of any age, model, or spec to a new high end vehicle level of connectivity and innovation – and in cases surpass this new vehicle level. Having an IoT SIM managed by Vodafone allows Nextbase to automatically connect it for the customer seamlessly and get them up and running straight away.

“I see IQ as a game changer and without Vodafone as a partner and without that managed IoT solution, we wouldn't be able to get to where we are today.”

The benefits

Vodafone’s IoT connection allows Nextbase iQ to have access to multiple mobile network operators avoiding challenging blackspots to provide a solution which will have a greater geographical reach. In addition, Vodafone IoT Solution is purpose built to ensure the upmost security through dedicated network architecture not shared with the general public.

“The technology we've been able to embed an IQ will enable great advances in efficiency and data for the customer, and because it's a connected product, it allows us to continuously add new features and enhance the product throughout its lifetime.” says Ceri Hill, Director of Engineering at Nextbase.

In addition, the partnership drastically improves drivers’ access to lifesaving, connected features such as Radar Detection, Smart Sense Parking and Emergency SOS across Europe.

The Nextbase iQ is a ‘living product’, meaning that it will continuously evolve, and additional features will be added throughout the consumer ownership.

“I see IQ as a game changer and without Vodafone as a partner and without that managed IoT solution, we wouldn't be able to get to where we are today,” says Bryn Brooker, Head of Marketing at Nextbase.

Stephen Smith, Senior Product Manager at Nextbase, adds “data is a critical part to any solution and working with Vodafone ensures that we've got that end-to-end security around the customer data.”

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