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Vodafone 5G Standalone a royal success

Our network helped ITN broadcast the Coronation of Charles III

  • Vodafone and ITN partnered to create a network slice on Vodafone’s public 5G SA network for the Coronation TV broadcast
  • ITN’s use during the Coronation was the first of its kind in the UK for a broadcast
  • It removes the risk of network gridlock and can have minimum guaranteed upload speed

The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III saw a public 5G SA network used for a broadcast for the first time ever, thanks to an innovative partnership between Vodafone and ITN.

Our technology partner Ericsson and ITN’s technology partner LiveU supported the testing for this partnership. This was done at Vodafone and Coventry University’s 5G SA Media Innovation Lab in Coventry – the first of its kind in the UK.

We dedicated a slice of our network to the broadcaster, thanks to 5G SA, the next generation of 5G. One of the key benefits is allowing telecoms operators to create separate and isolated networks for different uses. As they’re isolated from each other, this does not impact performance.

ITN Coronation coverage powered by 5G networking slicing

In broadcasting, this is exciting for two reasons:

  • Minimum upload speed thresholds can be set to guarantee digitally dense content is uploaded quickly and reliably for live steaming
  • It removes the risk of network gridlock impacting the performance of the broadcast

For the Coronation, this meant we guaranteed ITN bandwith and capacity, ensuring they had a fantastic broadcasting experience.

“There are lots of scenarios, not just our news business, in our sport business, in our co-production business, where increasingly being able to offer reliable, strong connectivity to locations can be a real win.

We are proud of our role in broadcasting this historic event, and excited to be blazing a trail in partnership with Vodafone as we explore the capabilities of 5G SA technology together.”

Jon Roberts, Director of Television, Production and Innovation at ITN

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Watch this video to learn more about how we helped deliver this momentous broadcast:

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