Wirral Council, Age UK and Vodafone help the elderly fight isolation 


  • Wirral Council and local charity Age UK Wirral help the elderly and people with dementia overcome social isolation and improve their health.

  • During the Covid-19 crisis, they offered virtual support to self-isolated people in Wirral.

  • Together with Vodafone, Wirral Council and Age UK distributed 250 tablets to keep the elderly connected.

Meet Wirral Council and Age UK Wirral 

As the local authority for the district of Wirral, Merseyside, Wirral Council provides public services including adult social care. They do this alongside partners Age UK Wirral, enabling and supporting elderly and vulnerable citizens in their daily lives.

The independent local charity look after the elderly and people with dementia in assisted living facilities or at their homes. They offer popular day services with activities such as social games and physical exercise.

The challenge 

When Covid-19 hit, there were strict measures for individuals over 70 or with underlying health conditions.

Age UK Wirral’s daytime activities were suspended, which meant that those who relied on these services before, no longer had access.

The charity needed ways to provide virtual support for encouraging the elderly and people living with dementia to keep in touch with their carers.

“Covid-19 is a frightening time for all of us, but for people isolating alone at home, or who are isolating while supporting someone living with dementia, it’s vital we find ways of keeping them connected.”

The solution 

Age UK Wirral approached Wirral Council to help them conduct virtual day services and help self-isolating individuals stay connected. Since the council already had an existing relationship with Vodafone, they purchased 250 easy-to-set-up tablets with SIM cards for the elderly to use.

“It made it easy for us to manage, in fact so easy that it only took around about a week, which was testament to everyone involved,” says Michael Hanrahan, Project Manager at Wirral Council.

Age UK Wirral distributed the tablets to those who needed them most, including older people living alone and individuals who would attend the charity’s day services.

“Our digital team developed a remote training package to help get people up and running,” explains Jamie from Age UK Wirral. “And we are there every step of the way to support them on their digital journey.”

The benefits 

Age UK Wirral can now host day services online for remote attendees.

Recipients could set up touchscreen tablets with ease. Besides taking part in Age UK Wirral’s activities, the elderly could also watch exercise videos, play quizzes and jigsaws, read audio newspapers and see friends and family.

“It’s been really heart-warming to hear stories about the difference the tablets have made,” says Jamie. “One gentleman got his tablet at 5 p.m. and the following morning he had a video call with his son who lives abroad, whom he hadn’t seen face to face for some time.”

Why Vodafone 

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Fostering digital inclusion 

Some measures introduced during Covid-19 crisis were temporary, but Age UK Wirral and Wirral Council believe that the elderly and people living with dementia should have ready access to digital tools and technology.

“We’re committed to extending this project as the digital confidence of organisations and individuals has grown,” adds Jamie. “To know that people are feeling one step closer to their loved ones has been fantastic.”

“Imagine if we could give every older person the opportunity to use a tablet and see what they could do. It would be a better world,” says Michael.

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