Lookout Mobile Security

Protect your business from cyber threats with Lookout - a mobile security solution from Vodafone Business.

Meet Lookout

Empower your employees to work the way they want with Vodafone's partner, Lookout.

Lookout fully protects organisations and individuals from threats on mobile devices, including phishing and malware. All without invading your workers’ privacy.

Lookout monitors your mobile device security health in real-time, helping you and your employees react quickly, without requiring a security expert or administrator.

The mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Chrome OS.

Secure your business mobiles from cyber threats

Real-time visibility

Understand your organisation's mobile risks with Lookout’s Simple Risk Status and respond quickly with real-time visibility.

Device and privacy protection

Protect your devices from phishing attempts, network attacks and more – all with employee privacy-control features.

Secure mobility

Cover your entire mobile fleet from your Lookout console and increase productivity to stay competitive with flexible mobility programs.

Plans and pricing

Features and Benefits

Find out all the features and benefits of Lookout.

Secure both company and employee-owned devices.

Frictionless deployment, simple user experience. 

Suitable for businesses of all sizes: from SOHO to multinationals. 

Preserve and respect user privacy while maintaining security. 

What's included?

Small Business

Lookout Essentials

Lookout Advanced

Lookout Premium

Web threat and content protection

Application-level protection

Secure Mobile Network Connections

Device protection 

Integrated Identity and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Monitoring

Integrated Mobile Device Manager 

Mobile vulnerability and patch management

In-depth mobile application analysis

Mobile endpoint detection and response

Cloud Data Security for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and managed devices

  • Lookout doesn’t access personal email content, browser history, text messages or other personal data.

  • Lookout administrators don’t access users' personal data.

  • Lookout doesn’t need to inspect messages or personal content on the device to detect threats.

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