Dedicated Private Cloud

Enjoy all the flexibility and convenience of a hosted IT platform with predictable monthly payments.

Your Private Cloud, fully managed

At Vodafone Business we understand that your cloud experience is only as good as your infrastructure and connectivity, and your data is only ever as secure as your network. That’s why we provide adaptable end-to-end cloud, connectivity and security services in partnership with VMware by Broadcom that support your business goals.

You’ll receive a fully managed service from our team of experts with no need for internal upskilling or additional resourcing. We securely manage your network, connectivity and cloud infrastructure, with powerful AI and automation tools.

More control

Our processes, tools and services are designed to give you superior control over your data and infrastructure. Feel confident that you’re able to meet local regulatory and compliance standards.

Always the best fit

Reach your goals with custom solutions that optimise your workloads, and benefit from scalable infrastructure that can flex to incorporate legacy applications and meet future demand.

Trust in high performance

Combine leading Cloud technology, connectivity and infrastructure capacity to optimise performance while helping to safeguard business-critical applications at busy times.

Predictable monthly payments

Our commercial model means predictable monthly payments with no surprises. Move away from CapEx and keep one-time payments to a minimum for greater financial control.

Learn more about Dedicated Private Cloud

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how your business can benefit from Dedicated Private Cloud with Vodafone Business.

Why Vodafone Business?

Our service and expertise

Rely on an expert partner that can help you make the right cloud choices.

Our products and technology

Access the right cloud and edge technology to support your business goals.

Our resilient connectivity

Make sure your cloud is always available and secure with resilient connectivity.

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