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Simplify your fixed voice and data services, and gain greater control and cost savings at the same time.

Vodafone SIP is a VoIP solution which turns physical phone lines into virtual lines using an internet connection.

With the traditional phone network being switched off in 2025, and BT no longer offering ISDN, Vodafone SIP trunking ensures your business is fully prepared so you can keep on calling.

Why choose Vodafone SIP?

Our service is designed to deliver a seamless experience - it’s easy to migrate to, manage and scale. It gives you the foundation to support new ways of working and collaboration as part of a Unified Communications initiative.

See immediate cost benefits with our clear, flexible and predictable pricing for reassuringly good value and uncompromising call quality.

On top of that, you get free calls to UK landlines and mobiles via your phone system and you can choose to keep your existing phone numbers or get a new range.

We show our commitment to keeping you running no matter what, with end-to-end failover and the ability to rapidly and easily divert calls in an emergency to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

Take a look at our options:

  • Vodafone Evolved Voice
  • Vodafone Hybrid Voice

Vodafone Evolved Voice over Public Internet

Vodafone Evolved Voice over Public Internet is a highly reliable, resilient, future-proofed, enterprise-grade replacement for traditional voice services.

It's a ‘bring your own access’ service that gives you more choice, scalability and the utmost flexibility.

Key features:

  • End-to-end failover to keep your calls up and running (via Customer Endpoint Diversity)
  • Quickly and simply provision new virtual lines to scale up fast in response to new business demands
  • High level encryption options to protect your voice traffic
  • Proactive fraud monitoring alerts you to suspicious traffic
  • The smart way to turn on calling in Microsoft Teams (if you have an enterprise Session Border Controller)

Vodafone Evolved Voice is an excellent solution if you:

  • Are ready to realise the full benefits of VoIP
  • Have no legacy system or are a cloud-native business

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Vodafone Hybrid Voice

This solution enables you to keep your ISDN30 Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system through a simple gateway solution from Audiocodes, a trusted gateway supplier.

It means you can move away from traditional physical lines and start realising the benefits of SIP virtual lines without changing your PBX.

The Vodafone Hybrid Voice service provides direct connection to the Vodafone next-generation IP network and continues to offer all the benefits of ISDN.

Vodafone Hybrid Voice is an excellent solution if you:

  • Have a legacy investment in a PBX system and may incur significant costs by switching everything at once
  • Are locked into existing hosted PBX contracts
  • Are prepared to work your PBX assets until PBX is obsolete

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Did you know we offer tailored support?

Our Tiered Support Services [PDF: 2.9MB] means you’ll get Foundation-level support included as standard – but you can upgrade to Enhanced or Premium if you choose.

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