Meet Managed Security Services Providers

Meet Managed Security Services Providers

In today’s climate your digital security is of more importance than ever. The shift to remote and hybrid working has resulted in an increased attack surface, giving cyber criminals more to exploit. Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) are well placed to help your business secure your digital estate, especially if you lack the necessary skills in-house. 

What are Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs)?

MSSPs deliver and manage Professional and Managed Security services. They provide specific services including security monitoring, detection and response, exposure assessment and management and security technology implementation. These can be delivered globally or locally.  

What does an MSSP do?

MSSPs can offer 24/7 outsourced monitoring and management of security devices, applications, identities and networks. Services include firewall management, intrusion detection, virtual private networks, vulnerability scanning and anti-virus services. These can vary from provider to provider.*

What’s the difference between a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)?  

While an MSP can offer solutions to make IT systems run more seamlessly, an MSSP’s mission is to improve safety by directly and proactively seeking out, identifying and dealing with cyber security threats. 

How do MSSPs work? 

When you outsource your security management, MSSPs own the cyber security technologies and monitor the cyber security events on a 24/7, 365-day basis and provide a series of key services. These can help your business: 

  • Assess: evaluate current systems, resources and the needs of your business

  • Protect: make sure businesses have the right protection services

  • Detect: proactive monitoring, detection and alert of current and potential cyber security incidents and vulnerabilities

  • Respond: automated early response and remediation of cyber security events

  • Recover: getting businesses back to normal in an event of an attack

These services are part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework 

Why does your business need an MSSP? 

Your business may face increasing security complexity, when resources are tight, or technology is outdated. Experts can automate security tasks and speed up response to cyber security threats, adding value to your business. MSSPs can help you prepare and react quickly to risks. In addition, you can remain focused on your business, without having to worry about creating or maintaining your own in-house security team. 

Why rely on an MSSP? 

Key benefits for your business 

Access to specialist cyber security skills 

Faster automated detection and response 

More effective risk quantification and remediation 

Comprehensive monitoring across all your systems, 24/7 

What the research shows 

Your business will need to face the growing sophistication of cyber threats, while the demands of increased remote working in the cloud adds new complexities for your IT teams to address. **


Total IT security management costs reduced when using Managed Security Services.***

Lower virus rates

Lower endpoint infection rates estimated when using Managed Security Services.***

How to choose the right MSSP? 

You should consider three key factors when assessing potential MSSPs.**

  • Business needs: MSSPs understand your business needs and supports your business goals.

  • Infrastructure: MSSP infrastructure meets your data handling requirements.

  • Breadth of portfolio: MSSP’s portfolio meets your current and future needs.

* Source: Gartner
** Source: IDC, “MarketScape: European Managed Security Services 2022. Vendor Assessment”
*** Source: Research Nester

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