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There’s been a huge shift in remote and hybrid working over the past few years. There are more places and devices now for cyber criminals to attack.

Many employees work either some time or full time away from the office. Theycan also use their own devices to connect to company networks. This increases the risk of potential cyberattacks.

Building cyber strength is an important strategy for your business. Cyber criminals constantly discover new methods to exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Many providers offer cyber security solutions to help companies navigate the evolving threat landscape. Choosing a provider that’s well established and experienced in both Professional Security Services (PSS) and Managed Security Services (MSS) can be extremely helpful to your business - knowing that your cyber security is in safe hands.

What are Professional Security Services?

PSS aim at solving problems in a project-based model. No need to commit long-term – this flexible solution helps with specific concerns including phishing and ransomware.

Phishing awareness tests can help your business understand your security awareness level. Your employees receive fake emails trying to get sensitive information, just like real phishing emails. The results show how aware your employees are about cyber threats. They also identify areas for improvement, such as employee training.

Top 3 most common types of cyberattack 

1. Phishing 

There’s been a considerable rise in phishing attacks in recent years. These common attacks target businesses by sending malicious emails or texts that look real. You need to train your employees on the latest phishing methods, as it’ll be critical for your cyber security. 

Phishing attempts 

As of March 2023, the National Cyber Security Centre received reports of 19 million phishing attempts. 

Of attacks are phishing

In the last 12 months, 79% of identified UK business attacks were phishing attempts - the most common threat.  

Of businesses use tests

In the past year, only 19% of businesses used tests like phishing exercises to identify cyber risks. 

2. Ransomware  

Ransomware is a type of malware. It prevents businesses from accessing devices and any data on them, usually by encrypting the files. You’ll then be asked to pay a ransom to a criminal group to decrypt the files. 

3. Denial of Service (DoS) 

DoS attacks are cybercriminal attacks against services to make them inaccessible. When websites suffer DoS attacks, the effect will depend on your perspective. It’ll appear to most users that the site has stopped displaying content.This could also mean that business  online systems don’t work. 

Mitigate cyber security attacks with the right services 

Businesses often outsource their cyber security services to trusted providers, who offer Managed Security Services (MSS) and Professional Security Services (PSS). You can benefit from both. 

Managed Security Services (MSS) vs. Professional Security Services (PSS) 

MSS offer capabilities specific to business security technologies and outcomes

Instead of building an in-house cyber security team, you can hire an MSS partner to provide expert cyber security services, such as:

  • Security technology implementation

  • Security monitoring

  • Managed detection and response

  • Exposure assessment and management

  • Vulnerability management

PSS offer security consultancy services

  • Phishing awareness assessments

  • Vulnerability assessments of specific services, operating systems and applications

  • Cyber security penetration testing for networks and web applications to expose weaknesses

  • Cyber breach response services to help you respond to cyberattacks

  • Exposure diagnostics assessing applications, users and data, and highlighting areas for enhancing cyber security

Why rely on PSS? 

Key benefits for your business 

One-time: a project-based model addressing a particular problem, involving a one-time fee 

Focused: a targeted approach, addressing a specific issue 

Flexible: a solution tailored to your business needs and goals 

Accessible: access to specialist security skills 

Actionable: data and next steps to tackle your cyber vulnerability 

Actionable: data and next steps to tackle your cyber vulnerability 

You can mitigate cyberattacks with robust, thorough testing and a validation of your security controls and IT infrastructure. If you’ve been breached, you can recover from it and prevent that it happens again. All with Professional Security Services – so you can focus on your business.  

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