Trading offices for continents – discover a smart world without workplace boundaries

Professional life is no longer centred only in the office. Thanks to changes in technology and the unexpected nudge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we're now in a new era where you can truly work from anywhere.

As we're finding new favourite spots to open our laptops, employers are also recognising the advantages of this transformation. They’re tapping into a global talent pool and witnessing improved productivity and reduced operational costs. It's a world where work knows no limitations and the possibilities are endless.

As work evolves, it's Gen Z who are at the heart of this change. They're shaping a new work-life balance, merging both their passion and profession.

Embracing flexibility and redefining “home”

The days when young professionals would first travel the world and then settle into work are gone. As remote and hybrid working models increase, more Gen Z professionals are merging the two. They're starting their careers and simultaneously seizing the opportunity to work abroad, redefining global connectivity and flexibility. 21% of Gen Z individuals plan to work abroad in 2023,¹ while 28% have already done so.²

Remote work is not just a trending workplace perk for Gen Z. A significant 80% of this generation champion the shift towards virtual roles,³ seeking the liberation to define their own workspace. However, this desire for remote work isn't just about working from home; it's about the freedom to choose where home is located regardless of their workplace – whether that’s another more affordable town in the UK or a location abroad.

Unsurprisingly, 77% of Gen Z workers would also consider exploring new job opportunities if their current employer insisted on a full-time return to the office.⁴ For them, flexibility isn't just a perk – it's a must.

Benefits Galore

So, what's driving Gen Z's enthusiasm for remote and hybrid working models? Three main benefits stand out:

  1. Global exploration: Why would you choose between travelling the world and climbing the career ladder when you can do both? Professional growth is no longer confined to a single geographical location.

  2. Affordability: The cost of living outside major city can be significantly lower. Gen Z professionals therefore enjoy a higher quality of life without sacrificing their career goals.

  3. Work-life balance: Remote and hybrid work arrangements empower Gen Z to craft their ideal work-life balance. Whether it's spending more time with family, pursuing hobbies or simply enjoying a slower pace of life, these models can accommodate diverse lifestyles.

Gen Z is reimagining the workspace, proving that success isn't about where you are, but how you embrace the opportunities around you.

“As macroeconomic uncertainty continues, those who put customers first, foster diverse talent and belonging, and create the conditions for people, cost and technological productivity will come out on top.”

The advantages of hybrid work for employers

Advancing digital technologies are breaking down geographical barriers in the business world. Companies are no longer limited to their local talent pool but picking from the global one.

60% of businesses have seen a better quality of applicants since they started looking globally.⁵ In addition, 55% agree that geography is not their main priority. They want to hire the best fit for the role, regardless of where they live.⁶

As a result, nearly 69% of businesses say their teams are sticking around longer,⁷ with 72% seeing their productivity go up with team members working from different parts of the world.⁸

However, businesses need to ensure they are technologically equipped to handle the unique challenges of a dispersed workforce. This includes having high-speed connectivity to ensure real-time collaboration across continents and cutting-edge cyber-security solutions that safeguard every exchange. Such innovations not only keep businesses ahead of modern challenges but also position them at the forefront of this global shift. As businesses seek to harness these tools, Vodafone Business is equipped with the expertise to make this vision a reality.

Commitment beyond continents

At Vodafone, we pride ourselves on empowering our staff to work from anywhere. When one of our team wanted to immerse herself in Brazil's vibrant culture without pressing pause on her career, we were on board to support her.

Sophie’s dedication was evident right from the start. While people may groan at early starts, she was up and working by 5:30AM Brazil time, aligning her schedule with UK business hours.

When faced with the occasional sense of missing out on in-person team gatherings, she turned to technology to bridge the physical divide. Beyond her trusty laptop, Vodafone's cyber security guidance, VPN access, and the simple addition of a “just in case” Ethernet cable to her suitcase ensured seamless connectivity. Despite being miles away from her team, it was business as usual.

This story isn't just about adaptability or technology though. It's about trust. Three months into her role and continents apart, her commitment to her role never wavered. With Vodafone's trust and our employee's dedication, we're rethinking the traditional boundaries of work.

“Vodafone truly transformed my experience abroad. Their support ensured everything ran smoothly, allowing me to focus on my work and enjoy my time overseas. I'm genuinely grateful for the opportunity and the seamless experience they provided.”

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