The ultimate productivity checklist for employees

When it comes to a productive working day, the possibilities are endless. Vodafone Business makes it easier for employees to stay flexible, work efficiently, be more productive and take advantage of opportunities by seamlessly integrating fixed, mobile and cloud solutions.

It’s unlikely that the story you’re about to read is unique. In fact, Jane Smith’s story represents many employees in the workforce today: professionals who, for one reason or another, are looking for ways to improve their productivity.

Jane is Fleet Manager at a rapidly growing transportation and logistics company. She has a dentist appointment in the morning and is working from home. She’s waiting for an email from a colleague about possible driver safety issues.


Jane is awaiting her dentist appointment in reception. Using cost effective, reliable and fast business Mobile Broadband on her smartphone, she checks her emails via Microsoft 365 to see if the email has arrived from her colleague Martin.


She arrives back at her home office, which uses the Enterprise Broadband’s strong connectivity. She puts down her smartphone and boots up her laptop to continue working, not giving a moment’s thought that both devices are protected by her company using Unified Endpoint Management.

Jane then receives an email to review a report on the number of vehicles that are off the road at any one time for maintenance and the increasing costs. She accesses the confidential report, which is held on the company’s backend systems via IPVPN services.


Jane goes to see a potential supplier of vehicle maintenance services. She switches seamlessly to her new tablet that arrived at her home fully staged and secured thanks to Device Lifecycle Management.

Sitting in the back of a taxi, she uses the device’s 4G connectivity to access the internet via Vodafone to go to the maintenance service supplier’s website for a final reminder about the organisation.


To support her wellbeing, Jane is taking a lunchtime walk when she hears a ping on her smartphone.

Her colleague is messaging her on Microsoft Teams, delivered as part of Unified Communications with Ring Central. Martin’s been in meetings all morning and rather than email her, he thought he’d message instead. How about a video conference when she’s back in her home office?


Jane opens her laptop and speaks to Martin via Microsoft Teams. He shares a report from real-time vehicle performance data captured by IoT-based Fleet Analytics, saying that drivers need additional training on navigating urban areas, improving safety, performance and reducing fuel consumption.

After the call, he follows up with an email and Jane accesses the report via IPVN services to see for herself.


Jane joins her company’s Diversity and Inclusion VR training on a 5G Mobile Private Network. It covers how to develop racial awareness and how to handle microaggressions in real-life situations.

After the training, Jane sees her manager wants her to set up a meeting in the office the next day for the team to go through Martin’s report.


Jane updates a spreadsheet she’s keeping on potential maintenance services providers who she’s considering at the moment, and the data is immediately synced to Cloud Backup services to keep an extra copy. She gets up to make a cup of tea and an alert appears on her smartphone saying she has training in 30 minutes.


Jane checks her teams’ schedules to organise a wider team meeting for the next day, certain of a high quality and secure video conference through the Global SIP.

Vodafone Business solutions give your employees the tools, flexibility, and security they need to stay productive and help drive your company forward.

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