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Add more UK data to your business phone

If you’re a business customer with a single phone connection, add more data to your allowance with these options.


Check your data balance

Not sure if you need a UK Data Extra?
Text UK DATA BALANCE to 40506 free and we’ll send you a message showing how much UK data you’ve got left to use.
If you bought your Red or Red Value Bundle before 5 May 2016, explore your data options

Let’s talk

To change to a plan that better suits your business data needs or to discuss all your options, give us a call.

From your Vodafone mobile


Free from your Vodafone mobile.

From other UK landlines or mobiles

03333 040 191

Standard call charges apply.

From abroad

+44 7836 191 191

Free from your Vodafone mobile. Standard international call charges apply from other mobiles or landlines.

Switch on your data cap

Your UK data allowance isn’t capped, which means you’ll continue using data after you reach your allowance limit. This will be charged at our standard rate of £5.42 (exc. VAT) for every 250MB of extra UK data you use.

However, to manage your usage more carefully you can switch on your UK data cap at any time. Just text ADD UKCAP to 40506 free.

Please note – only the account owner or administrator can make any changes to the account. If you’re an individual user, please speak to your account administrator.

Why Vodafone Business Broadband

Intelligent WiFi

Automatically optimises to give you a fast and consistent connection.

Simple switching

Just choose your broadband package and activation date — we’ll do the rest.

Award-winning app

Control and customise your WiFi with the Vodafone Broadband app.

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