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Sheryl Miller’s Lessons For Business From Yoga

Learn new ways of approaching business through yoga


Part of our Disruptive Minds Taskforce, Sheryl Miller is a business coach, award-winning entrepreneur, and author. A fan of both the physical and mental benefits of yoga, Sheryl believes that there is simple wisdom within yoga that can be applied, not just to day-to-day life, but to business too.

Here, Sheryl outlines her business lessons from yoga.

How’s your Downward Dog?

When planning a holiday, for Sheryl having a yoga class is essential when choosing a holiday resort. With a group of new people of varying abilities, instructors in these classes encourage you to focus on what you and not others are doing, while ensuring you also don’t push your body to breaking point. In doing so, they inevitably include a mix of poses that are easy and other that are nigh on impossible and knowing what you can and can’t work on is key to avoiding injury.

Similarly, focusing on your business, knowing the ins and outs of it is key. However, with so much having happened over the last few years, how many of us have done a full review of how our products and services are performing?  Costs are rocketing, which no doubt has seen your margins affected, but do you know exactly what’s making you a profit vs a loss?

If you find you have some products that are struggling, you have some options:

  • Review pricing – Will your customers accept a rise in price?
  • Create a bundle – Can you combine it with another product or service to make the offering more attractive?
  • Time to let go – If the product really isn’t performing, you might have to consider dropping it completely.

Does your Warrior need adjusting?

“Do you mind if I adjust you slightly?”

Even the most seasoned yoga pro will have heard those words on occasion and, like Sheryl, will likely appreciate the hands-on tweaks that an attentive yoga teacher can provide. This is because many poses, such as Warrior II, mean we are unable to fully see our body’s positioning, and similarly, in business, sometimes there are some things that we just can’t see aren’t right ourselves.

As such, it’s important to have trusted experts and advisors to be there to help. Edmund Lee perfectly summed it up when he said, “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself”.
From your accountant, who has a wealth of expertise and a critical lens on your business right now, to the wisdom of mentors, coaches and peer business owners, who can provide a founding board, these experts can all bring a fresh perspective on your business. Not forgetting your customers. Now more than ever is the time to listen to what they are and aren’t saying to get a well-rounded view on your business.

Stare at a spot

Crucial for the strengthening of muscle and bone, Sheryl believes yoga balances are under-rated. A key secret to good balance in yoga is staring at a spot, as focusing the eye helps keep the body still.

We are at a point in history when more is happening than ever before. The combination of global unrest, financial pressures, political disarray, social media, and more is all a huge demand and assault on our senses and attention.

With so much happening, all at once, it’s easy to find yourself wobbling. You might be questioning why you are doing what you are doing, but in these instances, Sheryl believes it’s time to stop and stare at a spot. This is the time to drown out the noise, switch off the distractions and focus on what is important to your business and your life. Don’t be afraid to learn from yoga and slow down; find your balance and do fewer things well.

Don't forget to breathe

And finally, Sheryl’s last take away from yoga? Breath. Breaking makes everything easier.

Take a moment for yourself

Whether or not you are a fan of yoga for wellbeing, take a few moments out of your business day for yourself and watch back our Disruptive Minds webinar all about Mental Health in SMEs.

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