UK Data Extras

Learn how to add more data to your business phone.

Add UK Data Extras

Choose whether to add a recurring or one-off UK Data Extra if you have a single phone connection.

Only authorised users can make changes to an account. Contact your account owner if you’re unsure.


If you’re not sure that you need a UK Data Extra, you can check your balance by texting UKDATABALANCE to 40506.

We’ll send you a message for free telling you how much data you have left.

Your UK data allowance isn’t capped. This means you’ll continue using data after you reach your allowance limit, charged at our standard rate of £5.42 (exc. 20% VAT) for every 250MB of extra UK data you use.

However, to manage your usage, you can switch on your UK data cap at any time. Just text ADD UKCAP for free to 40506.

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