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“90% of workers want to retain
some level of remote working”

CCS Employee Workplace Survey, 2022

Key product features

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Make hybrid working work better

Let your people call mobiles or landlines straight from Teams – and work from anywhere.

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Set your landline numbers free

Port across landline numbers or get new ones, whichever suits your business the best.

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Turn Microsoft Teams into your phone system

Get the rich set of features you’ve come to expect from your phone system – now all within Teams.

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Everything joined up and simplified for your users

One integrated environment for all your communications – to save time and boost productivity.

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Save money with cloud-based calling

Budget-friendly calling plans and no need for a separate phone system.

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An extra level of protection to keep you secure

Get peace of mind with a solution that has been designed with security and reliability in mind.

Customer story

How Vodafone Business Direct Routing helped Bauer Media Group

The business

Bauer Media Group is one of the world’s largest privately-owned media businesses with media assets all over the globe.

The challenge

In the UK, Bauer have over 30 sites all with disparate telephone systems and multiple ISDN circuits. Not only does this ramp up high costs, it’s also extremely time-consuming and complex to manage from an IT and operations point of view.

The solution and benefits

Vodafone Business Direct Routing experts helped navigate the complexities Bauer was facing and ensured the best fit approach for their business and its users.

The solution reduced all the complexity for IT and operations by consolidating and unifying Bauer's UK comms environment through the Microsoft Teams platform and providing a single solution for all their employees' calling and collaboration needs.

Vodafone also offers Bauer Media Group cost savings by reducing the need for a dedicated phone system and providing an end-to-end voice service – removing costs of administering complex infrastructure components.

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How Vodafone Business Direct Routing helped Bauer Media Group

Why Vodafone Business

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A superior voice experience

We offer worry-free enterprise-class voice integration – designed to follow Microsoft best practice and ensure the level of call performance and availability you can rely on.

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A trusted ICT partner with more to offer

All the convenience of a trusted partner who can fully support your digital transformation – with an extensive range of best-in class voice, connectivity, cloud and security services.

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Getting the best from your Microsoft investment

Rely on a fully accredited carrier with a rich heritage and experience in the delivery of Microsoft Unified Communications solutions.

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